Monday, December 17, 2007


Today's horoscope for Taurus is:

It may feel as if the world is pushing back pretty hard against you right now -- and it is! But there's an upside to this pressure: You know you're doing something right and your persistence should help you win.

I don't usually read them but for some reason, I'm getting them in my inbox... so, today, I decided to go ahead and see what it says. I actually think its fitting.


I'm happy with myself! lol That doesn't happen too often :D Why am I happy? I finally finished up the girls' room this past weekend! woohoo! I finished picking up the summer clothes, taking out the small stuff and bagging them, hanging up & folding all the rest of the clothes that I took out for winter! woohoo! I even boxed them and put them in our storage thingie outside. I moved their dresser to in front of the window... they play with the window too much... Jeremy's even nailed it shut because they would open it! So, then they'd constantly be pulling the blinds up... I don't need passers-by to see inside my kids' room! Now their TV is right in front of their bed, on the dresser still. I allowed one big box of toys in their room at a time. The rest is picked up in the storage thingie.

Oh yeah, I also finished Wyatt's clothes too :D Went through, took out the 12 mth clothes and bagged & stored them outside.

Now, all I have to do is finish up doing that same thing in my room... lol Still have lots of stuff to bring to the storage thingie outside too.

Oh, and Wyatt's 2nd birthday is Thursday and Ursula's in on Saturday! No plans for either. I am thinking we may wait until the weekend after Christmas... I think we did that last year too. Its just hard to expect people to come to their party at this time of year! I was thinking of just bringing them to Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday. I didn't talk to Jeremy about it yet because I was just thinking about that during one of my insomniac moments last night in bed. Wyatt's in a climbing mood lately and I know he'd LOVE it there as would both of the girls. Oh, another reason for no real plans for a party is that Wyatt is still all spotty looking from chicken pox and quite possibly, lots of ringworms. I think he had a combination of them both... but, maybe not. Its hard to find good pictures of chickenpox online... esp. pics of the healing up phase which is what had us questioning the pox. But, some of his pox remained small, like the pics online. That's why I think maybe some of his pox were actually ringworms... the boy loves animals!!! He's constantly hugging them, kissing them, being as close to them as he can... so, he could have very well have picked up some ringworms from the animals. Anyways, the scabs are pretty much gone but he has red patches all over his face and body. Not very camera ready right now! lol But, still just as cute as always :D