Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Stuff

What's really cool, is that we're doing really well :) Well, considering how things were in the past... I imagine that lack of alcohol purchases have really helped both the financial and emotional well-being in this household :D

Anyways... all of our bills are paid :D woohoo! Nothing is behind at all! YAY! AND... we have money from week to week (check to check)!!! Its awesome!

Jeremy had to buy another Xbox360... his broke... and he tried fixing it... but, didn't work... so... he bought another... he's addicted to playing those online battle games... LOL Modern Warfare and another... forgot the name just now... anyways...

He bought us a 42" Plasma TV right before the Super Bowl. Bought me a new computer chair, since around Christmas time, I now have 2 new 1TB hard drives, bought my car a new windshield (couldn't get an inspection sticker for almost 2 yrs because of his cigarette lighters exploding and cracking the windshield)! So, now my car is totally legal again! woohoo! But, geez... that windshield cost like $200!!! A few months ago, he also bought me 4 new tires! And the difference in the driving was amazing! I know my car is old, but, it really drives well and it was taken care of by its previous owners really well! Its a 1992 Grand Marquis. All it really needs to look better is a paint job :P And he bought us a new dishwasher! woohoo! We also have a new work out bench :D AND, he bought a new bedroom door for us :) He said he'll replace the 3 other doors down the hallway too :)

Its really crazy actually being able to buy these things without breaking us... You have to remember, I'm a stay-at-home mom... so, there's only one income here... and Jeremy had been laid off a couple times a little over a year ago...

Now, if only I could go and buy some new clothes... I mean, I can... I just won't... NOT UNTIL I LOSE THIS STUBBORN WEIGHT!!!

I am going to start walking Monday (I I'll walk while Wyatt rides his bike... I hope that'll work for us... I think he'll be okay... he's pretty cautious. If I could just lose like 30 lbs, I'd be ecstatic... of course, losing more would be wonderful.

I actually gained weight since quitting Curves... its sickening.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

On a Sad Note...

Jeremy's father, Nathan, passed away January 12th, 2010. We are still awaiting the autopsy results as no one really knows exactly why he died. Something was causing his organs to fail... we need to know what was doing it... if it was environmental, genetic, etc... He was only 53... he was in the hospital in December, for his bday & Christmas :(

Its just so terrible. I liked him... he was a good guy... and he always had a new joke to tell us everytime we'd see him. I feel sad not only for his wife and children, but for his grandchildren. Calista's his oldest grandchild and she's only 11 (as of Feb)... so, these children won't have many memories... mostly pics... And Wyatt never got the chance to go fishing with him... and he really wanted to... and he still talks about it. Wyatt asked if Paw-paw was poisoned or if someone shot him... :(