Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Grandparents' Day

Well, I still haven't eaten since yesterday (besides last night's smoothie).  My head doesn't want to but my belly keeps calling to me.  I may give in and make myself a banana smoothie again... IDK...

Today was Grandparents' Day at my son's school :)  His paternal grandmother, Cheryl/"Mimi" went; thankfully!  She even sent me a pic text with her and Wyatt :)  AND!!!  AND!!! AND!!! asked if the kids could go spend the weekend with her the first weekend of October!!!

Maybe this is a start to mending relationships (Jeremy & his mom)??? I hope so!  The kids need their grandparents (even if there's friction between the parents)!  And they miss that; that relationship, ya know?  It's been 3½ yrs since Nathan (Jeremy's dad) passed away... and things had been so strained between Jeremy & his mom...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Teeth Extractions

Well, since I haven't gone to regular dentist visits since my early 20's... I've had a few problems with my teeth :(  I've already had 2 pulled out... and today, I had 2 more pulled :(
I wait until I can't take the pain and then I go.
Well, Monday, after my walk, my head/jaw just started hurting constantly!  I made an appointment and was able to get in today!  Yay!  An end in sight from the pain!
He extracted my left side wisdom tooth and my 6th tooth from the front on the right side.
And I have another tooth that needs extraction; the right side wisdom tooth.  I'll wait until I'm good and healed before making that appointment.
As much as I love my teeth and teeth in general (even had many, many dreams about teeth), you may ask why didn't I go to the dentist BEFORE extractions were needed?  Well, because I have no insurance and it can be pretty costly to pay on your own.  Today, it cost us $345!  So, being that Jeremy is making better money, I'm going to try to go regularly from now on.  That next appointment, will be a cleaning as well.  And I will try to get Jeremy to put the kids on his insurance at work (remind him at the right time of the year) so that they can start going too.
I really like this guy I went to, Willie Collins.  He's very nice. :)
Oh, for what it's worth, the teeth I've had pulled, you can't tell unless I open my mouth really wide and show you :)  In other words, they aren't noticeable when I smile which is why I'm okay with them being pulled out.
The experience this time:
Those two x-rays were taken.  Dr. Collins came in, and shot my mouth up with numbing stuff.  Could barely feel it between my mouth and teeth but in the roof of the mouth?  That's just freaky feeling!  You can hear the skin pop when the needle goes in!
Thankfully, the shots work for me and I only feel the pressure of the pulling and hear... that's one of the freaky parts... just listening to the cracking and all...
The wisdom tooth came out before I even realized it!  I was like, "woohoo!  One down, one to go!"
But, of course, it couldn't be THAT easy for that second tooth!!!
Apparently, I have long, strong roots and dense bone.  My jaw didn't want to release my tooth!  He had to work on it.  Had to stop a few times to get different instruments!!!  LOL  OMG!  He ended up having to cut up my roots to take them out one by one (3 altogether)!
Now, funny... a tooth being drilled into/cut into smells just like when hair is on fire...
The only discomfort with this extraction was when he had to use my other teeth as leverage... he had no option since there's teeth on either side and my tooth was so resistant to come out!
So, that's over!  whew!
I gave me an antibiotic prescription because my wisdom tooth had started getting infection in it.  He also gave me some pain medication with codeine; I didn't think I'd really need it but, got it filled anyways just in case.  It's a good thing I did!  As the numbing agents wore off and I was awaiting my prescriptions, I felt like crap!  My head was hurting so much!  Thankfully, I don't think I waited more than 30 minutes and it cost under $20!  So, that was a nice surprise!
I'm sooooooo thankful to have those teeth gone!  That resistant one (the one with the hole in the x-ray) was soooo aggravating!  I'd chew mostly on the left side because of it and always had to pick food out of it!  And then I couldn't floss between that tooth and the others because my tooth would cut the floss! :-/
So yay!
I didn't eat anything today, but drank a banana, pecan, & chocolate almond milk smoothie for dinner :)
Lost 2 lbs... LOL

Monday, September 23, 2013

This Week's Progress

Rained Friday, so, cut my walk down :-/

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I was talking to my mom the other day and she told me it took her 3 mths to go from a size 14 to a size 8 when she was walking from the house (the 2-storey jouse we grew up in) to my grandma's house to visit the Cherie.  And then she said it wasn't daily!  She also had to walk over an overpass, so, that inceeased the effort... but, it's still inspiration!  Even if it takes me twice as long to lose about the same amount, that would still be great! :-D

Poison Plants

This picture is just a small sample of the poison plants I have to walk next to daily!  I'm quite sure this represents all 3 types: Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac!  You may not be able to see all 3 I in this picture; but, I'm quite sure they're all there... hiding... I really think that it wasn't Poison Ivy that I had a reaction to last year... I think it was either of the other two plants.

Tons of Poison Ivy are growing high aling the road :-/  There's only grass as the shoulder of the road... so, I step off into the grass if a car approaches... I hope I don't get into contact with any of the poison plants when I do that!  Argh!  That would suck so much!  I'd have to stop walking for 2 wks!  It's bad enough I can't do my running/jogging until my shins heal completely...

Monday, September 16, 2013

Voodoo Fest Update

I called my mom about coming to stay at our house for the weekend of the Voodoo Fest and she's fine with it!  Woohoo! And whew!  Now we don't have to stress over that!
Cherie said she had still planned on coming bc of Wyatt's Flea/Fly game :-)  I hate that we'll miss it though!
We also made a deposit for a kind of duplex to stay for that weekend with Angele and Shane too!  It's awesome!  It's close to the Festival Grounds and has 2 bedrooms and a stocked kitchen!  I believe we'll have a great weekend!
I'm not sure about Halloween; since it's on Thursday... not sure if T-r-T'ing will happen on Thursday or Friday... and MACA is supposed to have a dance too; I'm assuming that'll be on Friday but, I've no idea...

Weekly Progress

Thursday is low bc I was supposed to go to lunch with Brandi but she canceled bc of kidney stones :-/

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Voodoo Fest - New Orleans

We put our deposit on a place to stay in Downtown, New Orleans for the Voodoo Fest!  It's sooo great!  It's like a little house, actually; has 2 bedrooms with a full or Queen size bed (I forget) in each!  Has a stocked kitchen too!  It's not far from the festival grounds in City Park.  The trolley stop is like 2 or 3 blocks down the road :D  This is going to be so fun!

I haven't called mom about staying with the kids yet.  I'm sure it won't be a problem though.

Saturday is Korah's birthday party; should be a good time for us adults too :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Voodoo Fest & Flea/Fly Game

The Voodoo Fest will be November 1-3 this year.  We bought our tickets when they first started selling them, before the line-up was announced.  Angele & Shane will be going too :)

I'm super psyched!  The Cure, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, and Paramore will be there!  If only 311 would be there, it would be perfect! :D hehe

Now, the problem:  The dates are Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.  This means either my kids will miss school on Friday and we bring them to Raceland/Montegut to stay with family.  But, Fridays are usually test days!  So, what I was thinking was that my mom could come up here a day or so before Friday.  And being I don't think she'd handle being here, alone, with my 3 kids... I asked Cherie if she could come up for the weekend.  So far, she'll come :)

It just sucks that Jeremy & I will miss Wyatt's Flea/Fly game :((  Maybe Nov. 3rd isn't a date set in stone... I can only hope!!!

Shin Splints :-(

Well, my shins were hurting so much yesterday that I looked it up online... and apparently, I have shin splints :(  So, I can't run/jog until they don't hurt anymore.  I just walked today.  I did get my 10,000 steps (according to my cell phone app) though :)  Maybe my weight loss may slow down even more because of this... but, I think about how my mom was able to lose weight by walking 2 miles almost daily some years ago and she was older than me.  It didn't happen overnight; but, it'll happen :)  Once it's cooler, I may even walk twice a day:  In the morning, after the kids get on the bus and in the evening, before dinner, with whatever kids want to come (so far, Ursula wants to join me).

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


My shins are killing me today!  I only did 2 running stints bc it was just too painful :-(

On a good note, I weigh 149 lbs this morning!  Woohoo!  So, if I go by this... I lost about 1.5 lbs a week or so... so, maybe in 2 wks, I'll be 146.5lbs?  So, that would make 6 lbs a month... and by the end of October, maybe I'll be around 140lbs???  Wouldn't that be sweet?  And quite possibly, 134lbs by the end of November???  Could I really achieve that?  It would be so awesome and my legs should look way better too!  I really need to keep this up!  I want those results!

Monday, September 09, 2013

Railroad Tracks

Every day that I walk, I pass over the train tracks close to our house.  We live one house away from the tracks; and after living here for 12 yrs, the trains are barely bothersome... only if they're going really fast or have a heavy load or stay on their horn, do we notice them... our house, which is on the ground, shakes sometimes! Hahaha.  And of course, if I'm on the phone outside (bc I usually go outside if I'm talking on the phone), a train will pass and lay on that horn!!!  Every single time! Haha

Friday, September 06, 2013

More Accurate

I believe this screen shot from today is more likely how I did yesterday.  This is more believable... 4 miles instead of 7 !

I did 4 miles in a little less than an hour :-D. Not too bad, right?

I can't wait until this fat melts off!!!

Thursday, September 05, 2013


They are a week old today :-)  Our Pitbulls' (Veya and Titan) babies:-)
They're so cute!    Eyes and ears are still closed; should be open by next Thursday
It's so hot though!   They pant sometimes:-(
We've already had people asking about them!  Like about 5 are interested!  Woohoo!
We'll probably get Veya fixed after this...

Before Pictures

Ok... here I am... fat and nasty!  150-152 lbs.
I took these after my walk/jog today.
My goal?  I need to get rid of at least 10 lbs!  At first, anyways.  Ultimately, I'd love to be 125 lbs!!!  Haven't seen that weight in years... maybe even over 10 yrs!
Honestly, I'm cool when I weigh 134 lbs.  At that weight, I fit a size 5.
Right now, I am about a size 8.  I can squeeze into a 6... hahaha.  I have back fat and love handles.   So, yeah, I'm too fat for myself right now!!!  Hate it!!!
Sometimes I wish I could be anorexic for just a few months...  but, I just love food too much to avoid it or regurgitate it... hahaha. 
Excuse the dirty mirror!  Pictures always show details you can't see so easily on glass and mirrors!  Hahaha. Anyways, that's from my cat, Cosmo.  He likes to splash his water around when he drinks!  Crazy kitty!

She's Going the Distance...

I reached my 10,000 steps goal today!  Woohoo!  I'm thinking that the mileage and the amount of steps shown on this pic (from an awesome app) isn't exact... like, I believe I walked/jogged 3 miles, not 7 miles... but, hey!  Looks great on here!  Hahaha. But really, I'm proud to have gone as far as I have!  By myself!  The past 2 days, my neighbor's ankle has been hurting, so, she hasn't gone with me.

At the end of the week, I'll post a screen shot of what I've done this week :-D

I need this exercise to be a daily thing; a habit.  Something that calls out to me every morning.   I'm looking forward to see what progress I've made in a month!  I really hope this works out for me!

As of now, my shins ache while I'm walking/jogging.  I ignore that and hope it goes away :-)  Jeremy said my body is just getting used to it and it won't ache for long.

I put a pic of me still drenched in sweat... hahaha

Sunday, September 01, 2013

To the Start of Success!

Just bought new shoes to prove my determination to continue the walk/run exercising with my neighbor!

Hopefully, the weight will start melting away! 

I also bought some Malice in Wonderland.   It's to help with weight loss.  It's got some natural stuff in it.  Hope they both work for me!!!