Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weight; AGAIN... :-/

Ok... I didn't do the 3 day fast from the first blog of this year... last half that time... just wasn't into it...

Today is Wednesday... What I've started doing since this past Monday was using our work out bench!  LOL  Imagine that!  I have 70 lbs  on the top part... doing leg raises while on my back with that and pushing it up with my arms as well.  Doing these 2 exercises periodically throughout the day.  Doing about 20 reps each time... oh yeah, doing calf exercises in between reps.

I weigh like 155lbs right now!!! argh!!!  I HATE being fat!!!  The summer before last, I had gotten down to the low 130's and I felt GREAT!!!  LOVED being that weight!  Was so happy with myself!  What happened from then to now???  I've NO idea... it's so irritating.  I hate my weight fluctuations!  I guess it's all a part of getting older and my body slowing down... argh

I'm also taking HydroxyCut Hardcore Elite.  I have 2 bottles; bought BOGO from  What I've noticed is that I'm having a harder time going & staying asleep using it...

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Mary Kay

So, I indulged and bought a skin care set from her (at her cost) :-D. I need to do more to try to make my skin as youthful as I can!
I started the regiment Sunday night, when I got home from Raceland and I've been doing it twice a day and will try to continue until it's gone :-D