Monday, April 12, 2010


I know that there's a whole fad type deal going on with vampires now... but, in all honesty, I've always been into vampires... even when I was a kid... I wasn't interested in watching werewolves, zombies, ghouls, and whatever other type of monster out there... however, I was always fascinated with witches/occult type stuff too... along with the vampires :)

So... anyways... I've been reading different vampire books. I had actually read the first 3 of Ann Rice's Vampire Chronicles back when I was like 21 or 22... (yes, a LONG time ago... LOL). And I reread them recently (actually, not all yet... just finished the 5th book... need to buy the others). I read the Twilight books. Read the Vampire Academy books. And the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, series (there's one to more to go on that one). So, two of these bunches of books are geared towards teens; but, they're still good :)

The first two series listed below are geared towards teens:

The Twilight series (by Stephenie Meyer)... I liked it as a whole. I am not too into Bella's personality though... she's too somber? Idk... But, like I said, I like it as a whole... and it has a good ending :D Oh, I also like how they don't cower & die from the sun but sparkle :) And how they never sleep :D That's great :))

The Vampire Academy series (by Richelle Mead)... that's incomplete still... but, actually, pretty good :D A different concept on vampires... two different types: one is a living vampire and the other, the 'bad' one, is the undead. The story is being told from a 3rd different species though... she's one that was born to protect the living vampires.

The Vampire Chronicles series (by Ann Rice)... Really good set of books... I've only read the first five so far... need to buy the rest... in the meantime, I started on Pandora last night. Its not part of the series but associated with them. The fifth book, Memnoch the Devil is really good :D It talks about the roles that God & the Devil play in our lives... interesting take on things. I'm really interested in reading the next 5 books... just have to get them now :D I actually have the 7th book, Merrick... I picked it up, long ago, at a thrift store... just like other Ann Rice books that I have. I have to say that reading this series has taken me longer to read then the others series of books... the books themselves, are bigger... if they don't appear that way, don't be deceived... the font is smaller and closer together and the margins are smaller too. Also, its the way that they're written... not in casual, everyday language... since the main characters are at least 200 yrs old, its written like they're telling the story, the way they spoke back then. I like the stories that the books tell... and like my sister said, seems like Ann Rice got better with each book :)

Finally, the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series (by Laurell K. Hamilton)... This series is DEFINITELY NOT FOR KIDS!!! LOL I've read 17 of these books. There's an 18th book that I haven't gotten yet (came out in Feb of this year); called Flirt. I like the concept of this series of books too... its set in modern times and all fabled monsters are actually around and mostly accepted in society... and there's new laws and social norms because of them. Anita isn't a 'monster'... but, she was born with the ability to animate the dead; so, that's what she does for a living. This is a site I liked to go to when I was reading... its a fan site called the Anitaverse :) I liked seeing who people thought should play the different characters if they'd ever be a movie based on the books... if so, it would have to be at least rated R... LOL There's lots of graphic stuff in these books!

So, because of my super interest in vampires... you're probably wondering this...

Would I like to be a vampire? Yes indeed! LOL I would stay the same age forever! Would I kill people? Nope. I would look for donors and just take a little blood at a time :) And, when my children would get to around 18, I'd let them make the decision if they'd want to be vampires :D See, vampires have like all kinds of 'super' hero stuff going on with them... so, why would anyone want to be Superman, Ironman, the Hulk, Wonder Woman, etc? :P