Friday, April 29, 2005

Cute pic of my girls with a neighbor friend, Kori (8 yrs old). Taken April 27th, 2005.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My Birthday

Yep, today I am 32 yrs old! Where has the time gone??? Really, now.

Jeremy bought me a rose tree to plant :) I love it :D And a 5 tier planter with 5 pots and 5 seed packs (came altogether)... seeds are cilantro, parsly, chives, umm.... I forget... And he bought some Miracle Grow along with more of that little fence to go around my flower garden. PLUS, he was nice to me all day :D

I washed 3 batches of clothes, hung up 2 of them.

Calista came home and first thing she asked was, "How is the baby?" lol

The little neighbor girl, Kori (8 yrs old), came over and all 3 girls swam in our little pool :D I took some cute pics of them.

I missed American Idol though! Jeremy wanted to watch Revelations. However, Angele called and told me they kicked off Constantine!!! Man... He was no longer my favorite, but, I still liked him. Can't believe he's gone and Scott is still there... he sings through his nose! I am rooting for Bo Bice :D

So, it was a pretty decent day (in spite of missing the results show) :D

Monday, April 25, 2005

My Birds

This is so cool! Not only did the new member of our family, that Cockatiel makes friends with our Parakeet... but, just now... just now, for the first time, I hear the Cockatiel doing that "wolf call" and the Parakeet is doing it back!!! Wow!!! Awesome!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

And another Ticker :)


Fertile Myrtle

Yep, proves how fertile I really am! Of course, I knew this already :D

I'm so excited :D

According to the Chinese Conception Chart, it'll be a boy. I really do believe its a boy this time :D I hope so! Of course, either way will be fine :D

Est. due date is December 27th, 2005. So, looks like my 2 youngest will be almost exactly 3 yrs apart :) And Ursula just adores babies :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Well, forget that last post. Apparently, having his chiropractor discharge him wasn't good enough for work. He had to get some other papers from his employer and have the chiropractor fill it in... Jeremy says that from what he can see, the dr. won't be able to discharge him now :( Sucks royally.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Jeremy's Back at Work!

Finally!!! woohoo!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My Grandmother

My grandmother passed @ 2:35am Monday morning. The wake is Friday and the funeral is Saturaday. No, we didn't want to wait so long... but as devestated as my uncle was to not be able to be there, he begged us not to bury her before he came in from Africa. He should be in tomorrow night. Its like a 30 something hr trip via plane.. the plane goes to Paris first then to Texas then to Louisiana. Plus. there's only 3 flights a day out of there (where he's at in Africa). He's been on stand-by for over a week.

This lady (Faye) my mom talks to who lives in Georgia is psychic or clairvoyant or something like that, anyways, she told my mom that my gram would come home and die when she was ready to. She also said my uncle wouldn't be in until Thursday.. he was supposed to be here at the lastest by Wednesday... looks like this lady was right... she said all that like last Sat. or Sun.

Another cool thing was that my dad's first cousin, Sandra, was there, at my gram's passing (along with most of us... Cherie said she couldn't handle it so she didn't come until afterwards). My gram had asked for us to call her (at that time it was midnight, but, my dad's cousin is a RN and close to my gram and we knew she wouldn't mind coming). Anyways, what none of us knew was that she sees 'dead people!"! At the time of her passing, Sandra said that she saw like 6 others there that were there to welcome my gram to the Other Side. She told us where they were and who they were. Pretty neat. She also said there were many angels there as well. She said it was beautiful.

I had been with my gram, at her bedside from 11pm that night. Ursula wouldn't go to sleep, so, she was with me the whole time... sometimes nursing, sometimes napping, sometimes just sitting there. My gram was able to talk to her other loved ones via phone before passing. She even talked to my uncle in Africa... that was so sad because she kept asking him, 'where are you?". But, you know, at least she was knew she was dying and was able to tell everyone she loved them and vice versa.

Just before she passed I had walked out of the room to change Ursula's panties. I guess I wasn't meant to see her actual death. Jared says he wishes he hadn't seen it.

I cried at her bedside... but not after she had passed... I guess its all so surreal. I know I'll be crying at the wake and funeral... guess its gonna hit me hard at that point.

She just went so fast. Its like she didn't want to be here anymore. She had pulmonary fibrosis... but, when she first entered the hospital, the fibrosis was only affecting the lower part... way at the bottom (Angele told us this as she saw the x-rays). Within a week, it had overtaken all her lungs. The bottom of her lungs were like stone the dr. told my sister. That's when they sent her home telling her there wasn't anything else they could do for her.

Sunday, April 10, 2005


I removed the TTC ticker since I'm no longer TTC :) Its a done deal :)

Grandma update

My grandmother has returned home today, a little after lunch. She's been in the hospital since last Sunday. Hospice set her up in her room. The doctor told her that there's nothing more they can do for her except to make her comfortable.

She has pulmonary fibrosis. Diagnosed in 2000 with it. I didn't know that; apparently, a few of us did but no one really had any clue as to what it was about and how it was terminal. The nurse told my sister, Angele, that people diagnosed at such an old age (81 yrs in 2000) have a life expectancy of 5 yrs. No one told any of us that prior to the other day. I mean, had we known the seriousness of this disease, perhaps we could have taken different approaches, cleansing, detoxing, etc. But, now, its kind of too late... unless a miracle happens. But, I think she's ready to go. She's had a full life, great health, an has been a super active member of her religion. And, I think she's ready to meet her son, Jimmy, who was killed on a motocycle when he was 19 yrs old.

Anyways, the pulmonary fibrosis is what caused her heart to act up... or have heart failure. Its like the lungs are full of scar tissue... like big keloids that make it differcult for her to breathe. The heart is trying to do its job, but it can't because of the lungs not doing their job completely. Causes the heart to work overtime.

She's happy to be home and Sheeba, her dog, missed her a lot and she her.

My uncle, Andrian, still isn't able to fly out of Africa. Apparently because of the Pope's recent passing and everyone visiting him.

My dad should be in from offshore by tonight.

We think she'll hold on until she says her good-bye's and gets her affairs in order.

She's on oxygen; but that's it. She has already signed a living will. The doctor said they can give her pain meds if she needs them to be comfortable.

Its all so surreal, really. So quickly going downhill.

She told her friend, Kathy, that she'd have to find a new pal. Kathy was like, "huh?" And Grandma told her, "Kathy, I'm dying." They embraced and talked to each other, my sister, Angele, didn't hear what they were saying, but, I'm pretty sure it had to do with God and their beliefs.

My sister, Aimee, and her 4 kids made it down around 2am in the morning. They went straight to Jared's house and slept a little over there.

The kids have been making crafts for Grandma to enjoy.

Jared set up the TV in her room. Shane, Jared, and Jeremy took down her full-sized bed and set up the hospital bed (been having that since Grandpa, back in '79). I made the bed and put pictures of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren on her dresser.

Monday, April 04, 2005

My Grandma

Yesterday morning, my grandma (my only living grandparent) went to the E.R. and is still in ICU right now. She didn't have a heart attack... but, she is having cardio and renal (sp?) failure. There's talk about a pace-maker. They have her on drugs to try to correct what's going wrong. She has fibroids on her lungs that's making it sort of like arthritis... how Cherie explained it to me. She has an irregular heart beat. Her heart isn't pumping out all of the blood its supposed to, so, its pooling up in there. Cherie said its not critical yet... but, its pretty serious.