Friday, January 24, 2014


So it snowed last night!  By the time the kids went outside, it was ice :-/
But they still played a little bit... would come in every so often to warm up :-)

Friday, January 03, 2014

Fasting Once More

Well, I've decided that I'll start the new year off with a 3-day water fast.

Gosh how I detest fasting!  I hate not eating when there's good smelling food around!

I'm on day 2.  And today is Friday... Our usual pizza night!  Argh!

However, I started today at 147 lbs... I had gone up to 153 lbs over the holidays!  So, that's encouraging :-)

When my fast is over, I'll eat small portions of food.  Also, I'll try to do some sort of regular exercise daily.  Xbox One has some free 10 min exercise thingies I can easily do... just have to do them.  Ten minutes isn't a long time... just have to wear two bras so that they aren't bouncing around uncomfortably!