Monday, October 23, 2006

Weight Check & Missing Kittens

I weighed myself at Jeremy's parents' house Sunday night and I'm now at 140lbs! yay! That's 5 lbs below pre-pregnancy weight. I know that still sounds like a lot... and it is... esp. for my height... but, here's a picture of me from today.

Still have some weight to lose to make myself happy.

**Please refrain from looking at the background... LOL

Yes, I realize that by saying that, it makes you look even more... LOL But, what you see behind me is part of our PC area... the side of it has been removed and its no longer crashing... guess it needed some air? Against the door is a working treadmill. And that's our sofa with clothes on it that needed to be picked up. Oh, and of course, by my feet is one of Ursula's many babies.
And yes, I have a white bra on... once you're so big, you don't get a great assortment of bras to choose from. Most are white and big enough to wear as hats.

I'm So PISSED!!!

My kittens have all disappeared.

Its like they were taken by two's.
My last two disappeared the other day.
I kept hoping that they'd return but nooooo they haven't.

And it was the white one that I wanted to keep!!!
And that little tabby, he was sooo sweet! He'd purr whenever you'd pet him! While we were gone the other weekend, Jeremy thought they were missing then but they weren't. They returned that Sunday night. That's why I keep waiting and calling them but nothing :(

These are the last pictures I had taken of them (Oct. 20th, 2006). That next day, they were gone :(( :(( :(( I'm wondering if either our landlord or his son has anything to do with this. We had plans to give them all away except for this white one. Its not like we were going to be keeping all 6 kittens along with 2 adults... we already had people that wanted them. I think someone took them. I mean, come on... 2 at a time were gone for the most part. One was killed, I know that, saw it... but, the others? There's no sign of their demise. Pisses me off. I just know that someone is behind it; intentionally taking our kittens without letting us know.

Friday, October 20, 2006

My Little Darlings

In celebration of Wyatt's 10th month bday, I took a few pics of the kids :D

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blast From the Past

From almost exactly 3 yrs ago... I finally got 7 rolls of film developed from my now defunct 35mm camera. I've only scanned in a few though. I'll be bringing the rest to show the family tonight :)
Here's Xavier and Calista on Oct. 26th, 2003:
Here's Ursula and Xander, also on Oct. 26th, 2006:
(Ursula's almost the same age in these pics as Wyatt is now)
She's kissing him; isn't that sweet? Well, at least she wasn't biting him...

Here's Ursula and Olivia:

Me and Ursula on Oct. 26th, 2006:

No double chin here! woohoo! Something to look forward to!

Jeremy and Ursula:

Calista, Jeremy, and Ursula sleeping at Jared and Jessica's:

Calista and Ursula:
BTW, Wyatt does that same thing; through his arms up like that! And most of the time, after he raises them up like that, he falls foward on someone... or lunges :D Its so cute :D

Calista's hair looks so cute like that...

Ursula, me, and Olivia:
Look at my face! I like the no-fat look! lol

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Visiting Cousins

This is Gene with some of our kids. Gene's a friend of the family and very helpful with watching the kids at Racquelle's soccer game... a good 'Manny' to have around :D LMAO

We went this past weekend and will be going back this coming up weekend (wow! Two weekends in a row??? Must be a record or something??? LOL).

We're going to see Racquelle's last soccer games for this season, for Jessica's 26th bday (scary Friday the 13th), and to pick up our cell phones!!! Woohoo! We're finally getting some! Everyone else I know already has one and has been having one!
Xavier (Jessica's oldest) and Calista watching TV (of course!).

Calista and Racquelle playing :D
Racquelle will be 10 next month.

Ummm.... I have NO idea why this picture won't load up the whole way... I've tried many times to get it right but it just isn't working... guess its not so bad since you can see all of the kids anyways... (click on it and you can see it fullsized)
I took this picture at the park near where my sis, Cherie, works. Just her kids and mine there with me, our mom, and Gene (a family friend).

The kids had such a good time!

This is a really nice park too!

This picture was taken by Jessica... its me and Veronica :)

Doncha just love that double chin I have??? Gosh, I need to get that thing sucked out surgically, huh? ewww...

Wyatt and Veronica - almost a month apart in age.

Jessica took these two pictures of Ursula and Olivia with my camera this past Friday when we (me and the kids) went visit.
Olivia is 4 (as of September) and Ursula is still 3 yrs old; until right before Christmas.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

FreeCycle is Awesome!

Yay for Freecycle!

I now have a KitchenAid dish washer!!! Woohoo! I had my neighbor pick it up yesterday and since Jeremy stayed home from work today (said there was nothing to do there), he's installing it today.

Yeah, and you can see Wyatt's reflection in it too :D
What's cool is that it matches our stove! hehehe
We haven't washed dishes in it yet; need to buy some detergent but it seems to be working just fine! AND it was clean inside! Of course, I'll do a cycle of bleach just to make sure!
In other news...
I got in my $50 Wal-Mart gift certificate! Where did it come from?! Finally, after clicking hundreds of emails, I was able to accumulate enough to have them send me a gift card! I could have gotten a card for other places, but since I rarely ever go into Lafayette, I might as well get one for where we frequent, huh?
Not sure what I'll get with it... I was thinking that maybe I'll get us a new comforter for our bed. Or sheet set for Calista and Ursula's bunkbeds (that actually match each other)... then, I was thinking that maybe I should just get something for myself since I'm always getting stuff for others in my family... I don't know... I'll see and post when I do it.