Friday, May 23, 2008

New PC & More News :)

Yes! We bought a new computer from TigerDirect today!

Here's the link to the computer and here's the link to the monitor :D It will take 3-5 days to get here :)) woohoo!!! I'm so excited! :D Oh, they both have 5 stars reviews from other TigerDirect customers! :D :D :D I'll be able to play my Sims2 games again... ha ha ha

Wyatt has decided to potty train... its so crazy! He's doing really well... esp. if he's naked... ha ha ha Today was the first time he pooped on the potty (well, besides when he was a lot y0unger).

Today's the last day of school. I let Calista stay home... this whole week has been a waste of time for the kids going to school... they've done nothing but clean out their desks and cubby holes. Calista said they watched 5 movies yesterday! So, why bother going today?

Jeremy just returned from his second long stint offshore with pipe fitting and welding (he's worked offshore before, but in a different compacity.). He got back Wednesday night.

So, while I was at Curves today, Jeremy hooked up the VCR that we received from Jessica via her neighbors that moved, in the kids' room :D

So, I think we're all set up now... or will be very soon :D We'll (Jeremy & I) have a new, awesome computer, the kids will be able to use this one that I'm on right now for their learning games, they have the VCR in their room so that they can be entertained while we watch the TV in the living room or use it for games. They also have the GameCube in their as well.... we have the XBox360 out here. Jeremy has his motorbike (Honda Shadow 11oo) and I have my Cannon Rebel XT :D I'm working out at Curves 4 to 5 days a week. I can pay almost all the bills online.... and we're not behind on anything! woohoo! OOOOHHH, one other thing! We have some neighbors that will be moving out within the next year and selling their house! I only talked to their daughter about it so far (just found out last Saturday), and she said that they'll sell it at a pretty reasonable price!!! We were talking to Jeremy's brother last night, and he said he knows that we'd qualify for a FHA loan... so, that may be in our future! Our very own house!!!

I think things are finally looking up for us! After 11 yrs... :D

My sister, Angele, and her dh, Shane, will be here tonight. Hopefully, she'll have time to help me clean out some shit that's just been accumulating here and getting overwhelming to me. She's very good at organizing and I really need her help :D

Speaking about Curves... I get my next weigh-in on the 30th. I hope there's some inches lost!!! I think I see a difference... but, it would be really motivating to me to continue even though I will anyways... I mean, me working out 4 to 5 days a week is better than me NOT working out, right? I just want to be firm again! My goal is to be back in a size 5.