Tuesday, July 25, 2006

No Make-Up Me

Yep, this is me as I look almost all the time... LOL No make-up and hair up in a hair clip... and notice my messed up eyebrows! lol Those are one of 2 things I am not happy about on my face... my eyebrows and my eyelashes.

Maybe the next few pics I put up with be with me fixed up (meaning hair fixed and make-up on and maybe even some decent clothes!) :D

At least my face isn't all swollen like it was a couple of weeks ago from that abcess under my tooth... and you can also see I've lost a few more pounds... not sure exactly how much; but it shows in a slightly less fat face! ha ha ha Double chin is deminishing! yay! I hate that thing! :D

I do know that I fit in one of my size 6 shorts! woohoo! Yay me! I have breastfeeding and child-chasing to thank for that... lol Okay, okay, I have been doing some crunches whenever I remember to; need to get my flat belly back... oh how I miss that! Notice I have some color to my face? Thanks to the little swimming pool we bought a couple of weeks ago! My girls also have some color! They look so cute with it!

Anyways, one of these days, I'll post a pic of me all made up and in a cute outfit to show my weight loss thus far... still more lbs and inches to go though!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

You Drunk As Hell

You Drunk As Hell

Thanks to Jessica for this link :D

Exchange Accomplished!

I'm ever so happy to report that I was able to exchange my camera (that no longer accepted batteries... ? no idea why it stopped) for another at Wal-Mart! Of course, they no longer carry the same one (the Z740) so, I went with the P850. Its 5.1 MP but with a 12x optical zoom. Its the performance series camera (one of 3).

I love it as well! I had to pay the difference ($55). It is really nice... lots of cool features. I can actually use (buy) lenses and filters for it as well as a zoom flash! If I were to get them, it would be somewhere in the future as those cost $150/piece... but, its cool to know I can get them if I wanted to! And since its an EasyShare, I can still get the nice printer that goes along with it :D The compatible ones range from $119 to $500. I'm excited! I have a camera again! (Again, a HUGE thanks to Kimber! BTW, Kimber, I had sent you a little thank-you gift; well, to the address on my package, and it came back to me!)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tooth Extraction

Back when I was living at home, as a teen (around 18yrs old), I had an amalgam filling in one of my upper, left side molars (I have these 'pits' that apparently is in the genes).
Well, before I conceived Wyatt, that molar fell out. I have it in my jewelry box. And my tooth has gotten progressively worse as the time went on but I really didn't have any pain associated with it.
The night of July 3rd, I could feel my cheek & gum swelling up while I was in bed. That next morning, my left cheek was swollen up. I look totally deformed. Of course, being that yesterday was July 4th, no dentists were open.
I asked Jeremy to bring me today (so, yes, he missed out on working today for me). This place in Palmetto takes walk-ins until 12pm and its also were Jeremy went for his extraction last year; the least expensive in the phone book. So, we left the house around 9am with kids in tow.
It took a while before I was called in, maybe 30 minutes or so. Then, I sat in the dental chair for probably another 30 minutes. A nurse took my x-ray and for some reason, afterwards, my cheek started hurting a little bit. I wonder if there was any connection between the x-ray or if the thing to take the x-ray did it...
So, this petite dentist lady comes in and talks to me. She tells me usually, if there's this much swelling, they do antibiotics first and then make another appointment for the extraction. The reason being is that the numbing agents sometime doesn't numb the gums if there's too much swelling. She said that she could try but if she reached the cut-off for the amount of numbing agent she could administer to a patient and I was still feeling pain, she'd have to stop and let me make a 2nd appointment.
I asked her if she could go ahead and try extracting the tooth while I was there since I wasn't sure how long it would be before I could go back... I didn't want to have to drive afterwards; esp. if I was in pain... plus, I have NO idea how to get there... LOL
So, that's what we did.
The numbing worked and she was able to remove my tooth... she broke it in 3 pieces to do that.
I have 2 prescriptions. One for Lortabs and the other for Clindamycin.
I just looked up on Kellymom.com for info on breastfeeding and taking these meds. They both are rated the same as far as being 'moderately safe'.
Anyways, I haven't eaten yet today; just water and juice. Supposed to have a soft diet for 24 hrs.
Yes, it hurts.
I can't wait for the swelling to go down.
And no pics... not just because of my vanity but because my camera isn't working. Jeremy said to just pack it up and bring it to Wal-Mart... good idea, huh? They're really good about exchanging stuff.