Monday, April 15, 2013

Weighty Issues

So, the fasting has helped me :D  I'm 142 lbs this morning :D  I'm trying to figure out what's best... I hear that eating several small meals a day keeps weight down... but, how can you argue with limiting calories; like, not eating... skipping breakfast... stuff like that?  So far, I've been skipping breakfast.  Having a smallish lunch and moderate dinner... like, never ever getting that "full" feeling; no seconds.

Oh, at this weight, I wear like a size 7 snug; size 6 snug; 8's are loose.

What I don't understand is why my bra size hasn't gone down much???  Really irritates me!  I want smaller breasts!  I want to be able to buy bras from most any store that sells them!  I want to be able to wear strapless bras with strapless shirts/dresses!!!  At this weight, before having children, I was wearing either a DD/E or F... I think it was a DD.  I'd be so HAPPY to be that size again!!!  arghhhh

Sunday, April 14, 2013


So, our XBox360 stopped opening the CD drive... so, of course, this infuriates Jeremy because he's an avid gamer (MW3).  We look online, and find a special edition, new, sealed box, Final Fantasy console + 250 gb hard drive + FFXIII game + 2 wireless controllers + cheap headphone & (plus all the wires and crap) :D  So, I order it and it came in in like 4 days (from Canada)!  So, Jeremy transfers his gaming info from our 120 gb to the new our new 250 gb hard drive.  Brings the old xbox to Ursula's room (that's where the other TV is located).  And guess what?  Not only will the disc drive not open, it won't spin now!!!  So, this makes his super angry and he decides he's going to go to GameStop and buy another one for the kids.  We get and Elite model console.  So, now we have 2 new XBox360's... why didn't we get the slim design?  Three reasons:  older ones are cheaper, we already had an external hard drive, and Jeremy wants to get the XBox720 when it comes out; which could be later this year!

Also, we went ahead and paid for Ursula to have a membership as well :)  So, now we all have XBox Live memberships :)

What do I like to play on Xbox?  Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and RPG games (like Skyrim).
What do I like playing on our Wii?  Dance games & work out 'games'.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fasting - The End

Well, I couldn't help it!  LOL  I ate a yummy veggie salad for lunch today; thereby making it a 2.5 day fast :) Not bad!  I am happy I was able to prove to myself that I could do it.  :)

Funny thing... about half an hour after I finished my salad, I had diarrhea... hmmm  I know it was from the salad because, well, no other food in my system since Sunday night... and there was lettuce leaves in the toilet bowl!  Yes, I look!  ha ha

Gosh how I love food!  hehehe  I just need to cut my portion sizes and exercise more :D  "Eat less, move more!"

Fasting - Day 3

OMG!  I made it past 2 days!!!  Wow!!!  Yeah, I am pretty sure I never went 2 days without food before... perhaps one... but, I'm quite sure its never been two!  ha ha ha

This morning, I'm down like 8 lbs!!!  woot woot!  I weigh 140.2 lbs right now.  The question is now, how long can I go???  I really want to eat!  LOL  My belly wants food!  I'm feeling more nauseous then anything.

Yesterday, I finished mowing the yard and was feeling very tired while doing it; had to push myself to continue.

Yesterday, I believe I had the most knocks on my door in one day! ha ha ha  First, my neighbor by the RR tracks, Chelsey, came over to ask if I could feed their puppy for the next few days as she's going to see her boyfriend/husband (not sure if they're married) since he's working in another state.  I'm like, no problem (esp. since the puppy comes from us! ha ha ha).   Later, not long after the kids get home from school, there's another knock.  Someone I've never met before.  She says she's the guy next door's cousin and that she'll take the puppy home to try to housebreak him while they're gone so that he'll be able to stay indoors :)  I'm like, does Chelsey know?  She said, no, not yet, but Chris knows :)  She asked if we have another puppy to give away and I'm like, nope... last one went to our other neighbor's friend :D  Her name is Blaire :)  Added her to facebook!  ha ha ha  She seems cool :)  Third knock was Lori.  Asking if Jeremy could go look at her car's back bumper when he gets home from work; he did :)

Back to fasting... the kids are acting concerned that I'm not eating.  But, are they really concerned about me not eating or me not cooking?  LOL  Jeremy tells me that I can eat any time I want... nothing to prove; we all know you can do this; you don't have to!  LOL  I'm like, yes, I know... but, I've come so far!  ha ha ha  He wants me to eat dinner tonight, at least... I really don't know if I can make it to dinner without eating... I mean, I've gotten to a better weight... now its just eating less to maintain... that along with exercise, of course!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Fasting - Day 2

Yay!  I made it through the day without food!!!  Only water!  Woohoo!  AND, I loss 4 lbs since yesterday!!!  Talk about incentive to continue! ha ha ha  So, this morning, I weigh 144 with jean shorts, shirt, and socks on :)  I'm not expecting to lose another 4 lbs today, although, that would be fantastic! heh heh heh

My stomach is rumbling and I have a slight headache... nothing to concern myself about.

I not only did the Gazelle for 20 minutes (could do more, but it's just so boring... LOL), I also mowed most of the yard!  Didn't do all because I couldn't restart the mower after putting gas in it... Of course, Jeremy came home and started it up almost right away... :-/  ha ha ha  So, I need to finish that up today.

I have been having a light rash on my chest for the past few days... not sure what it's from...

Oh, so, we've started charting what 'jobs' the kids do and paying them for it... again, incentive to continue.  We're on the 4th week and it's working quite well; the kids are seeing how it adds up and loving it :)  We're only giving a $1/job with the exception of filling up the water (Pur filtered water picture) & tea... that's only a quarter and straightening up is $.50.  So, anyways, I ask Wyatt if he's going to fill up the water (being that I really need it now that I'm on a water fast!) and he's like, "Yeah!".  So, I take it out and give it to him... he starts acting like a strong man and putting it on his shoulder... well, in those few steps from the fridge to the sink, he drops it!!!  I'm like, "NO!!!"  Crap.  I surely don't want to have to resort to drinking unfiltered water!!!  Well, Jeremy comes inside and sees it.  He showers.  And leaves to go to Lowe's to buy another one!  I told him not to worry about that and that I'll just get one tomorrow but, he left anyways.  He came home with another like we had as well as two filter bottles for both of us :)  Thoughtful, huh? :))

Monday, April 08, 2013


Okay, so, I turn 40 yrs old this month!  OMG!  Where did the years go?  Yes, I realize that's a cliche'... but, it's so true!  I really don't feel that old!

So, for some reason, my body wants to be heavier... and I've gained like 10 lbs so far this year... and I just can't allow that to continue!  What am I doing to stop and reverse this?  Well, I've started getting on my Gazelle again and doing some ab exercises.  Today, I'm trying to start a water fast.  So far, so good!  By 7:30 pm, it will have been 24 hrs without food!  I am going to try to go for 3 days.  I really will!  I think the most I've gone was 2 days... LOL  I think... I'm hoping to get over the headaches and tummy growling and continue without food.  I think I need it.  Not just because of my weight gain; but, because of having had pneumonia at the end of last year.  Even now, when I inhale deeply, I can sometimes feel it 'catch' in my right side (which is where the pneumonia was).  Maybe fasting will allow my body to heal properly without having to digest food.  That's my hope, anyways.  I really want to do this.  I think I'm head strong enough to go through with it.  And I don't like how much I want to snack and eat sweets now... I am not normally like that... so, I need to put a stop to that!  Problem?  Having to feed my family!  The smell of good food!  I just love food so much! hahaha  But, I need to do this.  Jeremy told me not to worry about cooking tonight.  We have leftovers as well as easy to cook food that the kids can prepare and eat.

Another thing that we're trying to do, as a family, is to abstain from dairy (at least in the house and at Jeremy's work).  Jeremy has noticed that he feels better when he goes without and that when he does consume any dairy, he gets this red blotchiness on his face, around his nose and under his eyes!  Internally, his gut feels awful, he tells me.  It makes crazy noise when he presses different areas that even I can hear.  He'd really like to fast (it was his idea for himself, actually), but, with him working 6 to 7 days a week; we don't think that's a good idea.  To fast, you need to be able to rest because it can take a lot out of you.