Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Big Update

Its official.

Last night was the first time (in a long time) that we're actually TTC! Yep. So, we'll see how fertile I am... and if I conceived last night, then the next baby will be due around the same time as Ursula was due. It would be cool to have a spring baby though.

In other news...

We are now the 'proud' owners of a cockatiel. Jeremy found it flying around outside. I actually hope the owners post pics of it, wanting it back... because that bird will not stay off of us! I do like the way it whistles though.

Also, another cat has found its way to us. A little black/gray tabby male. He's still a kitten. He's so soft and sweet though.


Our sunflowers are doing sooooo awesomely! They are prolly 4" tall now. My Gladiolas are doing great too... the tallest is prolly 3" tall... the others are just now popping through the dirt. My other flowers are also coming up. woohoo! Its so cool seeing that happen!

Car update:

Last, but certainly NOT least... we bought that '93 silver DeVille! I used my VISA to buy it! Yay! Its so nice! Burgandy leather interior, power everything, fuel data center, and climate control, etc. Even AC! woohoo!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Test Drives

Both yesterday and today, we went looking at vehicles because once Jeremy gets that check his totaled car, the 'free' ride with our rental ends. And being that I have that credit card, we can get something before we're stuck carless.

We found a nice '93 DeVille, 4 door, for $3000... But, they don't have a credit card swiper.

So, we drove around some more. Drove a '98 Ford Windstar. And everything was really nice in and out; however, when we parked it, I smelled something so, Jeremy popped the hood and sure enough, there was vapor coming from somewhere. That one is $2900. At that same place, we drove a Grand Marquis, and it was really nice... But, no acceleration. Jeremy felt that the transmission was slipping. So, we left that place.

The last place we went today, Jeremy drove a '90 DeVille with 107,000 miles on it. Dual leather power seats, navy. Asking $2300 for it. He doesn't have a Visa card swiper either, but his dd has a restruant and he's gonna ask her if she can swipe it for him.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Life Update

Got a frickin' fever blister yesterday! What's up with these stupid things??? I think I went a year without, now, like almost every month I have at least one! I'm gonna have to buy some L-Lysine and take it daily.

Jeremy told me last night that I can have as many more babies as I'd like to... today he said one more... lol But, hey, that's cool :D Now its just a matter of planning for when.

The treadmill is not working right... so, there goes the major part of my exercise/weightloss plan :( I don't know what happened. I was on it, walking, and Ursula was behind it, putting things on it to watch them fall off the end... next thing you know, the tread is folded up on itself, not a lot, but, enough to make lots of noise and not work right. :((

I think I'll do a separate blog for either both of my girls or one for each.

American Idol

Okay, I really like Constantine! He did so great last night! I didn't really hear Anwar's song though :( I'm sure it was good though. I like Bo too. I was able to get through last night to vote :D woohoo. I also voted one time for Scott and Carrie. Voted quite a few times for Constantine though :D

And again, when I hear Paula talking, this is all I hear, "blah, blah, blah, blah... whatever Randy just said".

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Wreck Update

Jeremy went to his first chiropractor appointment today @ 2pm. X-rays were taken. Jeremy was adjusted, laid on a bed with rollers on it, and had some stimulaters put on his neck. Dr. told him one leg was an inch shorter than the other, one hip turns outward and the other tilts upwards. And his back is crooked. He has appointments with the chiropractor for the rest of this week. One of the papers he brought home said he isn't to do anything involving heavy lifting... heavy lifting meaning anything over 5 lbs. So, no work all this week... he missed yesterday already due to coughing all night and throwing up.

His dad talked to a lawyer friend of his and the lawyer is expecting Jeremy's phone call tomorrow. A personal injury lawyer.

We need to be compensated for days lost from work and we NEED another vehicle. We're not expecting anything brand-new... just something that's reliable... something that will take Jeremy to and from work, an hour both ways, 5 days a week... like we had prior to the wreck.

Okay... American Idol is on... Top 12... I'll write more later :D

Ursula Speak

Jeremy pulled Ursula's ear (just playing with her) and Ursula came running to me, all crying and acting like she was hurt... then, she told Jeremy, "No pull ear me!" hehehe

Friday, March 11, 2005

And here is an adorable picture that I took of Sophia, my youngest niece :D Cherie's baby. Taken 3-6-05.
The last of my sis and her 2 girls... see the haircut? I know, no back shots... but, still, I really, really, really like it :D
Another of my sister and her girls; taken 3-5-05. Cute hair cut, huh? Our sister, Angele, cut it and highlighted it... she also highlighted my hair :D Nice to have sisters that went to beauty school, huh? :D
Here's my sister, Cherie with her baby, Sophia, 6 mths, and her 30 mth old dd, Olivia... she's actually cutting the grass in this pic! hehe

Hair and Weight

Okay, I think I want to cut my hair off. Yep. I've haven't done that since I was in elementary school. Reason? Last weekend, we went visit my family in Raceland. My sister, Cherie, is sporting a new 'do and I LOVE it!!! I'll post a pic of it... But, I didn't really take a picture of it but of my sister with her girls... So, you can't really see what her hair looks like.

So, here's the correlation between hair and weight... and actually, my birthday.

I have decided to really get motivated about losing weight. So, since my bday is coming up next month and I really liked Cherie's hair cut... If I can get rid of the unnecessary pounds by my bday, I give myself permission to cut my hair off :D Of course, when the time comes and I did reach my goal at the end of April and I decide against chopping it off, that's all good too :D

So, here's what I intend to do: treadmill for 20 min after eating, daily. Hopefully, get some pilates in there at some point during the day. I have a flower garden to attend to as well, so, that'll give me a tiny bit of exercise, well, after I finish getting the beds ready. I'll also try to eat smaller portions of food and/or leave food on the plate. Gosh, I love food! hehehe

And to be honest, I never really actively tried losing weight. Not like this. A few months ago, I walked up and down my street for like a week and lost like 3 lbs. So, I know I can do this if I really try. Oh, can't walk now because the umbrella stroller has a broken wheel :(

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Another of Me: 3-10-05

And another... I darkened the background :D

Me - 3-10-05

I took this picture of me today, 3-10-05.

Ursula Update

Wow, I've been slacking on updating her! hehehe Oops!

She's 26 mths old. She's still so funny. She speaks in mostly 3 word sentences. She still uses 'my' in place of 'I'; as in "ha ha, my barted" (translation: I farted). Sometimes she'll add in an 'excuse me' which sounds more like, 'scuze me'. She says, "my got it" "you got it" "alright" "ok" "tister" (sister), every man is 'dad', every woman is 'mom', and every little girl is 'tister'. She doesn't really know brother being that she has none. I'm trying to make her relate other men as 'man/men' and other women as 'lady/ladies'... girls and boys. She'll repeat me. Oh and every 'bo-bo' is from an ant bite, according to her.

A BIG thing... that I was totally not expecting. This child, at just over 2 yrs old, KNOWS HOW TO LIE!!! OMG!!! What's up with that? Calista could be at school and if I ask Ursula what happened, who did what, etc... she'll immediately say, "Tister did it" "Tister had it" etc!!! Crazy or what??? I'm sure that came from having an older sister. Calista will all too often try to remove herself from any blame... "I didn't do it!"... so, I'm thinking that Ursula picked up on that.

She likes to sneak up on us and says, 'boo!' a lot; esp. if she thinks we didn't see her approaching us or something like that.

She still nurses. It has slacked somewhat. There are nights, still, that she seems to nurse ALL night. Other nights, maybe once. I was just reading an entry from "Jason's" blog about night terrors (Jason left a comment on my blog, so, I went to his :D). His 6 yr. old dd has them. I wonder if Ursula also has them. There are nights where she'll cry out, toss and turn, go straight as a board, and it takes me a while to calm her down. Sometimes she'll say, "no! no!" but, I know she isn't saying that to me. Its so weird. I often wonder what's going on in her head when this happens. What is she dreaming about. What has happened in her short life that causes night terrors??? Perhaps its actually an old memory of a past life? And, she still sleeps with us. She really prefers to sleep in between Jeremy and myself. My sister, Aimee, suggested she does that for the Yin Yang effect... maybe so?

Potty update: She will ALWAYS go to the toilet if she's naked from the waist down. If she has panties on, its about a 50/50 chance that she'll go to the toilet. So, I let her run around the house naked.

She really likes Elmo. hehe Although, she really doesn't sit and watch TV too often. Not like Calista would. Not that I advocate TV as a baby sitter... but, it does allow me some free time. Sorry if that sounds selfish. But, I get so wound up sometimes. I need a break; and that barely EVER happens. And, actually, she's watching an old cartoon with Calista that I bought at the Dollar Tree... one of those really old ones... I think she's only watching right now because Calista is and she just LOVES to imitate her big sister. LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to imitate Calista. Follows her, repeats her, does homework when Calista does hers, etc.

And man, can this child put it away! She can eat! Such a difference between her and Calista! She even likes raw veggies! woohoo! Of course, she likes things that I'd rather her not like... like she really enjoys coffee! lol Crazy, huh? She will sneak our coffee if given the opportunity.

Hmm... there's more, I'm sure... but, I'm in the middle of cooking dinner and need to get back to it. :D

Hillarious Link

You all NEED to see this... its sooo freakin' funny. Someone was playing around with a photo editing program...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Wreck Update

Jeremy got home at the expected time and called that insurance guy... check this out... they only want to give him $350 for our totalled car! WHATEVER!!! Our ONLY source of transportation??? How valuable is your only source of transportation??? HELLO!!! They expect us to find a running vehicle to replace ours with only $350??? Yeah, right!!! GEEZ... this is frickin' ridiculas. How can they live with themselves? Thieves.

Ursula with a White Sheet Background

I can't believe I forgot to upload this picture yesterday! Here's the story behind it: My sister, Angele, hung up her clothes on my gram's clothes line. This was a sheet. Well, Ursula just couldn't help herself from getting into it. I took this picture and think it came out so precious, if I do say so myself... and I do :D hehe

Wreck Update

Received a phone call from the young chic's insurance company. They finally got an adjuster out there to look at our car. Said it was indeed a total loss and wants to go over the details with Jeremy. I took the guy's name and number... hopefully, Jeremy will come straight home today because the guy is only in his office until 4:45 and Jeremy usually gets home @ 4:30.

Today is also Jeremy's birthday. So, I bathed, shaved, and washed my hair... maybe even apply a little make-up... yeah, I think I will. That'll make him feel special :D hehehe

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Calista, Ursula, & Sophia on 3-5-05

Here's Calista, Ursula, and baby Sophia :D Taken March 5th, 2005.

Ursula & Sophia on 3-6-05

Here's Ursula with our youngest niece, Sophia. Ursula just LOVES this baby!!! Loves her soooo much!

Ursula & Olivia on 3-5-05

Cute picture of Ursula and Olivia. Olivia is 3½ mths older than Ursula. And by the time we left this past weekend, she was saying that Ursula was her friend... awwww.... it was so cute!

American Idol

OMG... can Paula get any more annoying??? Geez... all she does is paraphrases what Randy says ... soooo irritating. She needs to be replaced.

And yes, I am a Simon Cowell fan. I am pretty much in agreement with whatever he has to say.

For the guys, of course, I like the rockers, of course... but, I am also liking Anwar.

For the gals, don't really have a favorite yet.


She got her 6 wk report card in today.

She made all "S's" or "A's"... with the exception, again, of one "N" in 'obeys class rules'.

The teacher, Mrs. LaStrapes, made these comments: Talking too much. Calista is a very good student. Sometimes rushes her work.

This is the first time she's commented on her report card. I knew that Calista was rushing her work. I could tell by what she did at home. Jeremy told her next time she gets a "N" on her report card, he was gonna spank her.

Calista told me this little 'brown' chic dug through her bag while the teacher was out. That really irritates me. I only send cash to school. And, right now, they want lunch money. I don't need some little kid digging and stealing our money. That would piss me off royally. I sent a note to the teacher about that and also about Calista's missing navy sweatshirts (2 of them) and her missing navy zip-up sweatshirt.


Well, we've had a rental car since Friday evening. Its a Ford Focus. Its okay. I mean, its better than what we've been driving for the past 5 yrs... but, not something we'd actually buy. We both want something bigger... either a bigger car or a van.

That chic's insurance company won't even look at our car until tomorrow! Which, btw, is Jeremy's 30th bday!

I just hope that we get the money to replace our car with something somewhat nicer... I'm not hoping for anything brand-new... but, maybe something that's less than 10 yrs old... hehehe

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Extreme Cuteness Factor

Isn't she so cute? hehehe
When she came walking home from the bus, I told her to stop so I could get my camera and take her picture :D hehehe She looked so doggone adorable, I couldn't help myself :))

Calista on March 2nd, 2005

Calista from yesterday, March 2nd, 2005.
The weather is only in the early 60's... but Calista likes wearing her big coat. She asked if she looks like a president in it. I asked her if that's what some of the kids told her and she said 'yes'. So, I told her that was cool and to tell the kids to call her 'Ms. President'. hehe

Are We Just Cursed?

Can't believe this.

Jeremy was in a wreck today :( Totaled our only working vehicle!

He was going through a green light when a young girl on the opposite side of the road had a green light but not a green arrow. She proceeded to cross the road and Jeremy left over 40 ft of skid marks to try to not hit her. THEN, a truck hit Jeremy from behind!!! A company truck. The truck had no skid marks.

Can things get any better? :(

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Personality Test

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I started on my flower garden :D I am halfway done cleaning the weeds out of my flowerbed. Calista and I have already planted some sunflowers around that pole in our yard. We bought lots of flowers :D I hope they all do well!

Jeremy has his garden plot ready... just needs to plant his veggies.

Oh, Jeremy says he's doing really well at welding and his teacher is very impressed! woohoo! I'm so happy :) Maybe things are finally looking good for us!

And I feel awful :( All last week, I had Calista practicing the wrong spelling words! So, on Friday... she only got 2 out of 5 words right :(( I feel soooo terribly! See, every Monday the teacher sends out the news of the week including the spelling words... and I had left up the one from last week... I feel so terrible :( So, I'm making a very conscious effort to make sure I have her studying and practicing the right words! My poor girl. At least she knows how to spell fish and sun now though! hehe On the positive side, anyways.

Ursula! Once again, she fell asleep on her own in the living room! She asked for a pillow, covered herself with a blanket and fell asleep! It was sooo sweet! Of course, I took another pic :D

Confessions of an Imperfect Mom

Confessions of an Imperfect Mom

Jeremy's sister's, Tasha, blog :D

Picture of me and my daughters

Here's a nice picture of me and my girls taken Feb. 9th, 2005 :D Racquelle, my neice, took it while she was over here :)

Pretty Girl

And one of her smiling/laughing :D
This was taken Feb. 24th... just took it out the digi camera today though :)
And, this was the only pic I could get of her as she was very tired and wanted to sleep.

So Serious

This is her serious look... notice her red nose and cheeks... hehe
Of course, also taken the same day as the other picture... Feb. 26th, 2005.

Go Girl, Go!

Ursula driving our neighbor's go-cart! hehehe She was so serious about it!
Taken Feb. 26th, 2005.