Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Saints!

Their playoff game has just begun and we're excited :D This is the first time in Saints' 40 yr. history to have come this far!!! woohoo! Playing the Bears. It would be so awesome if they win! People always look at the Saints as a lost cause. I'm hoping it will bring some positive reaction to both New Orleans and to our state. And plus, its always cool to be with 'winners' :D Jeremy just told me that Saints have only had 8 winning seasons! That's not a whole lot in 40 yrs. But, maybe this will be a turn-around for them. Shucks, tourism is always a plus down in New Orleans... they really depend on that.

I admit, I'm not a huge sports fan... but, I'm always rooting for the home teams!

On to another thing...

Calista may have a broken nose. Yep. Yesterday, our neighbor gave his son a bday party (small). There were two relatives of the bday boy that are like 12 and 13 yrs old... Well, one of them landed on Calista's face. I wasn't actually there because Wyatt was taking his nap...but, there were like 4 adults there. And I've told my kids many times that if there's big kids on the trampoline, not to get up there or to get off if they get up on it. I am pretty sure she's learned her lesson :( It really didn't bleed much. Jeremy says he's pretty sure its broken. Her nose is swollen on one side.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Dreams

I remember 2 dreams from last night/this morning.

In one of them, we were eating. Lots of us. Seems like we were eating on sofas, watching TV, but maybe in a casual place... didn't seem like a person's home as it was a really big area. Anyways, we're eating and Jeremy stops eating and gets up. I ask him what's wrong and he puts his hand to his chest area and says 'heartburn'. Well, that's normal enough... no big deal. Jeremy leaves. I continue eating when I overhear Shane (my bil and Jeremy's best friend). He's like talking to Angele (his wife, my sister) and he says, "Heartburn? Yeah, right! That's Hailey over there!" I'm like, who? in my mind. I woke up shortly afterwards, so I didn't get to see what her face looked like or where Jeremy went off to in my dream. I had felt in my dream, that she was someone that he must have messed around with at some point... hoping it was before we were together, and perhaps even had some feelings for... that would explain his action. Either that or someone he messed around with while we were together and couldn't believe he saw her while I was there too... Keep in mind, this is all still part of me dreaming. This morning, I asked Jeremy if he knew any Hailey's and he's like, I know a Hane.... whatever that means... LOL So, I told him about the dream.

Second dream is kind of funny. I was in a classroom... my age now with others my age as well. Some of which went to school with me. I had a dufflebag with my books and purse in it. I remember looking in it, looking into my purse and my wallet and seeing that I had 2 $500 bills in there as well as a couple of $100's. I think it was like $1400 or so... can't remember exactly how much right now or why I even had that much money in my purse; on me!!! Anyways, I'm in my seat and I guess I'm feeling stressed and one of my classmates rolls this HUGE, gigantic joint... shaped it like a pipe even! LOL Reminded me of something from Cheech and Chong. lol Anyways, weed is pouring out of it. And they're passing it to me and I'm trying to hide it from the lecturing teacher! I take my 2 hits and pass it back. It was hitting too! LOL Then, someone from behind me gets my attention as my dufflebag is passed back to me! I'm like, where was it and why was it gone? This guy in the back of my line had it (a guy I knew from school, Christian). He, for some reason was looking in my stuff. He had seen my money and at some point, xeroxed them and put them back as well as the copies...??? Okay... I remember I kept counting my money to make sure it was all still there. I woke up around that time.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tiny Update

Okay, update time:

We went ahead and formatted our computer's hard drive the other day. One cool thing about that is we get to use our Norton Antivirus again without paying for a new year! woohoo! hehehe

Jeremy and Shane (my bil/his best friend) went to the Sugar Bowl (LSU vs Notre Dame). Jeremy's dad surprised them by giving them the tickets; yes, they were very excited.

My sister, Angele, and her husband have to move to a very small apartment, so, she cleared out some stuff... we got her purple leather sofa, chair, and ottoman as well as one of her TV's, a huge, black, cast iron pot, & small freezer!

I'm guessing she was feeling very charitable and also gave me her Chi flat iron and bought me 2 bras from Dilliard's!!! Love the bras too!!!

Just wanted to add two pictures I took of Wyatt and Ursula from last night. Can't include bath pics of Calista... she's a little too old for that now!!! LOL For a couple more pics, go to both Wyatt's and Ursula's blogs.
I liked that one of Wyatt looking at Ursula... I love how he's looking at her... he actually goes to her... like, puts his hands up for her to take him.