Thursday, December 29, 2005

One Week Postpardum

Okay, actually, its been 9 days. I wear a size 12... bleh Belly is floppy still. My goal is to be a size 3. Barely bleeding. I can't wait until the mandatory 6 wks is over so I can work-out. I think I can probably walk right now (as in walking down the road, pushing a tandem stroller for exercise). I'm still slightly sore in the bottom area. And OMG, can my boobs get any bigger??? Geez... My sister has an electric double breast pump. I'm going to have to borrow it. I just know this child isn't draining me; of course, Ursula is ever so happy to help with that. Plus, I want to start doing 'date' night with Jeremy; at some point in the future. It would really do us good to reconnect on that level. Good for us and for our children.

Bunk Beds

Jeremy put up the top of the bunk bed in Calista's room. Woohoo! The girls are so excited and Ursula has already claimed the top bunk! hehehe I wonder if she'll actually sleep in it! There's a rail, so, I don't fear them falling out. I'll have to take a picture of it. I also need to buy some twin size sheets for it as the bottom is a full size and we have no other twin size beds in this house.

Welcome to the Monkeyhouse

Welcome to the Monkeyhouse

A mom of 3 with the youngest almost 2 mths old, breastfeeding and co-sleeping.

Fair Dinkum

Fair Dinkum

Another mom with an infant :D

Friday, December 23, 2005

The Life of Wyatt

The Life of Wyatt My son's very own blog.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Baby Dreams

Two dreams:

The first one was from a few nights ago. Cherie had some sort of dust/powder that would allow her to see my baby. So, she applied it to my belly and next thing you know, you can see my baby like it was out of my body. The weird thing was that the baby was so tiny and also blue and right before she applied the powder/dust, I had felt my belly and it felt the same way I feel it right now, the big parts, like his butt were big... there's no way he should have been so small. Its like he wasn't even as mature as he is now... like, I wasn't as far along as I am. Anyways, I started feeling like he was vulnable, so I started dusting him off and pulling him close to my belly and he 'went' back in.

The second dream was from last night. I had awaken and sat up in bed and I was like, omg, I dropped! So, I stand up, and my belly drops allright... drops like between my thighs. It was like there were nothing there but my skin and the baby. I was slightly freaking out... trying to figure out how to put the baby back where he belongs or trying to think of how to get him out. Weird, huh?

Not Quite Finished Up

Jeremy, Ursula, and I went shopping yesterday. We had brought Calista to J's parents' last night (and intended for Ursula to stay too) so that we could shop without them... but, Ursula decided she didn't want to stay. I think its because I never left her there. If they come pick her up, its all good.

Anyways, we finished up the shopping for J's 2 nephews and niece and for our children.

For ourselves, we bought a 5 CD/DVD changer with surround sound for the living room.

Its just really uncomfortable nowadays, walking around like that. Its not that my back or anything else was hurting. The uncomfortableness is mostly in my belly and pubic area... but, mostly my belly contracting.

Can't wrap anything with them both here and awake. Guess we'll just have to wait for them to fall asleep.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Last Night's Dream

...or at least one of them that I can remember...

I dreamt I was at this mall or something like it. And there was this guy gay couple that we were talking to or were next to us... maybe we were in line for something... anyways... I finally tell one of them how much he looks like John, my ex-husband. Well, he tells me that he is. And I'm floored. I get all depressed for the rest of my dream. The reason was because I had no idea and if I made such a big mistake with him, who else was I involved with and didn't was know is gay, was he using me a cover... stuff like that. Then, for some reason, maybe this was what we were waiting for earlier, but I am getting my hair bleached and parts of it dyed pink as well as having it cut real short... more of a bob then a boy hair cut though. I didn't tell the guy cutting it to do it that way, just let him do whatever he wanted with my hair. When I looked in the mirror, there were uneven parts and Cherie was going to fix it for me. But the guy who did my hair was supposed to be really good, a stylist that everyone was raving about.

Oh, oh, oh... another dream, or was it part of the above... but, it was kind of like a movie... I can only remember bits and pieces... someone, or some bad guys were running after me, Jeremy, and our baby (no idea where our girls were... hopefully somewhere safe!). They ended up burning down our house but we were able to go inside before it was too bad and save the baby, who was in a crib??? Didn't see the baby's face or gender. Can't remember why they were after us.

Not sure if this is part of that same dream I just typed, but, I was pregnant like I am now, 9 mths, and about to get into a fight with some skinny guy. Don't remember why. And then a guy I grew up with, that's a JW, initials TF, stood up for me and got the guy to leave me alone by talking him out of messing with me.

Friday, December 09, 2005


Another recipe blog that I want to keep track of.

everybody likes sandwiches

everybody likes sandwiches

Some recipes... looks like they're simple enough for me to even recreate :D hehehe

I want to keep an eye on this blog... see what other recipes she includes.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Life with Diapers

Life with Diapers

What the f#ck is this about??? This person has taken text and pictures from my blogs!!! Crazy $hit! This person even took pictures of Calista and Ursula and added text to them so that they'll look they they belong to them! They kept Calista's name but changed Ursula's to Daylin... even used pregnancy pic of me and Jeremy's name!

What a weirdo!