Thursday, September 04, 2008

Things To Do While Waiting for the Electricity to be Turned On...

Put crazy make-up on each other!

Cherie was the make-up artist this day... hehehe
That's Ursula in front of her and Cherie's daughter, Olivia, behind her.

Ursula all made up.

And a side view :)

Sophia was Cherie's first subject... :)

Sophia putting make-up on 'Nanny' (my mom/her grandma).



Olivia & Ursula (Olivia is a little bit taller than Ursula but not as much as this picture portrays... she's in heels... lol)


All 5 of the girls together:
Top row: Racquelle & Calista
Bottom row: Sophia, Ursula, & Olivia

It was then our turns... Cherie's face was done by Olivia & Sophia (her daughters)

My look was done by Ursula... she said I looked beautiful... ha ha ha yeah... right...

Was 17 People... now 10

Only because they left :)

Jared, his wife, & kids went to Lafayette... to a friend of her's house... they have electricity there!
My dad just left today... see what's going on with his house.
My sister, Cherie & her 3 daughters are still here along with our mom.
Yes... my mom and dad were actually in the same house for 4 days without arguing or being ugly to one another! wow! They've been divorced over 10 yrs now.

Yesterday afternoon, my dad & Jeremy went into Lafayette and picked up a generator... so, our food is saved!!! woohoo!

Today is the 4th day without electricity!!! And periodically, no water :(( Sucks.

My sister, Cherie, has been keeping us in French braids :)

We let the kids put make-up on us last night and Cherie put extreme make-up on them... I'll post pics later... :)

Our neighbor, Kevin, invited us to sleep at his house because has a generator along with a window unit... My sister, her girls, my mom and my daughters slept there the past 2 nights.

Oh yeah, that's what I forgot... school. Our parish's schools are closed until further notice!!! OMG!

FEMA... our parish is also on the list of disaster parishes (of course), so, I'm going to apply... we're just doing terribly financially and this isn't helping matters... Jeremy wasn't able to go to work until today. Thankfully, not much happened with our house... but, we do rent. The front screen door is messed up due to the strong winds... but, that was it.

I took many pics... and have to edit them... after I get that done (takes forever! lol), I'll post some more :)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Video Footage of Winds from Gustav

And one of me being silly...