Thursday, May 23, 2013

Drama, Drama, Drama

Thankfully, my immediate family isn't directly involved this time!  LOL  (not really a LOL moment... more of a whew moment!)

Well, at this moment, pretty much all my siblings are going through some crap :-(

Sister 3 had a harrowing experience earlier this year... met a local guy online.  Met him a handful of times.  He promised many things (house, help, ability for her stay home, etc).  Asked her to go on trip to TX with him to meet his parents (2 different locations in TX) for the weekend without her kids.  She did.  He abused her in every way (physical, mentally, & sexually) and pretty much kidnapped her by not allowing her to leave (she was in his vehicle) via a phone call to a family member or any other way or bring her back when he said he would prior to leaving in the first place.  Well, she filed a report and he's currently in jail; waiting for a court date.  Many charges against him.  She since moved out of state to keep safe because he made many threats against her and her children.

Sister 1 is going through marital problems.  We all know that their marriage hasn't been the best in the last 20 something years, but, she decided to step out.  Well, her husband found enough proof to get her to admit it.  She is to break all ties with him and go to our mom's house where they will start to put their marriage back together... or attempt it.

Sister 2... well, her husband has been in the hospital multiple times within the last year few years due to blood clots (genetic problem)... so, its been stressful on them.  Plus, they've been trying to get into their trailer for a few years now... finally moved into our dad's house so they could be closer to the trailer so it could be worked on easier.  Also, he's been in a partnership in business and has always got the shit part of the deal and finally wanting to break away from that; not sure if he succeeded in this yet.  His mom has been going through some stuff too... dropped a crap load of weight and checked into a mental ward.  So, all this going on with them... :(

And my brother... his wife decided to end their marriage.  I really don't know the details... just know the main complaints from before.  My brother is distraught.

My parents?  Well, they seem to be ok :)  My dad is actively going to dance classes and entering dance competitions.  He just bought the Xbox Kinect and is dancing away with it :)  Happy he's so mobile!  He's 68 yrs old.

Mom... well, she's not nearly as mobile.  She has a hard time walking to the mailbox!  She's living in her parents' house.  I keep trying to encourage her to get moving.  Its imperative!  I told her she has great-grandchildren coming and she needs to be around to meet them!  She's 67 yrs old.

Not that this is drama... it's exciting... but, there is drama associated with it... my oldest niece is due for her first baby (my first great-nephew)!  Her est. due date is June 4th.  The drama surrounding this is that her birth choices differ from her in-laws (deja vu'!).

Thankfully, Jeremy & I are doing quite well!  Yay!  Our kids are fine :)