Friday, November 25, 2005

You Can't Make It Up

Interesting things here... not sure what to make of it yet as I haven't read it all yet. I just wanted to make sure I have the link if I want to go back to it and don't want to bookmark it yet :D

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Weird Dreams

Watching CSI right before going to sleep will produce some bizarre dreams... LOL

I would jot my dreams down... but, really, its hard. Esp. since I'd wake up so many times, thus resulting in my dreams being disrupted.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Community Supported Agriculture database. Support your local farmers!

I just found out about this and sent them an email for more information.

There's 3 in Louisiana. One servicing the Acadiana area via Lafayette, one servicing Baton Rouge metro area and one servicing Covington, Bush, Foslom, Mandeville, Abita, and surrounding areas in St. Tammany Parish as well as the Greater New Orleans area.

Someone on one of my email lists (c-birth, unassisted homebirth) just talked about it and how it gets delivered to their homes! I wonder what kind of services this one in my area offers!

Even if they tell me they sell to certain grocery stores, I'd rather buy their wares from those stores and support them in that way, if I can't get to their exact location :)

Upcoming Events

Jeremy's sister, Tasha, and her family are moving back to Louisiana this weekend! She's so excited! I haven't met her baby yet, so, I finally get to see and hold her :D And maybe she'll even make it to my baby's birth! :) Oh, Tasha's bday is this Saturday, the 12th too. But, more than likely, they'll still be on the road for it. She says she'll catch up on it when they get here :) It'll be nice to have her back in Louisiana :) She'll be about 2 hrs away, but at least that's closer than North Dakota! Plus, I can more easily encourage to keep nursing her baby :D hehehe She did tell me that she wasn't ready to wean her yet anyways, so, that's good. Here baby is 2½ mths old (Tasha reads this blog... hehehe Hey Tash! *waving*).

My brother's wife, Jessica, hasn't had their 4th baby yet... her supposed due date was Oct. 31st... but, you know how that goes... its only an estimate and even it it was real, some babies take longer to 'cook' then others :) But, last night, she was having contractions every 3 to 4 minutes. They weren't hurting her though. She was really tired all day yesterday, so she went ahead and went to bed. I talked to her this morning and still no baby! lol But, she said her belly was super hard this morning. She's still real tired. She's resting right now. Hopefully she'll have that baby by this weekend! hehe We're all just waiting to meet him/her! Most of us think she's having her 2nd daughter. Aimee, my sister, says she
knows its a girl.

Calista has the opportunity to ride in a parade this weekend with The Fleas. Jeremy will more than likely be working... so, I don't know how that'll happen. I did sign the consent form just in case we're able to bring her! I think it would be neat for her to do that. Its for the Cracklin Festival.

Also, Calista's Thanksgiving vacation is supposed to start Nov. 21st. I say 'supposed' because I'm not sure if anything has changed because of those hurricanes. I think they only missed like 3 days of school due to them though... so, I don't know if they'll be made up from vacation days or at the end of the school year.

Ursula's 3rd birthday is Dec. 22nd. I feel badly for her because I might be in labor at that time! And we brought Calista to Chuck E. Cheese for her 3rd (and 5th) bdays. Calista talked about that forever! I want to do the same for Ursula. But, either I'll be really big and pregnant and uncomfortable at that time OR in labor OR have a brand-new baby. So, no definite plans until the time comes. That's not a big deal since that's usually how we live our life here anyways... we barely ever have anything really planned out.

Hmmm.... I think that's it as far as upcoming events go....

Free Silvery Jewelry

All you pay for is shipping and handling which is $5.99. It changes every 15 minutes.

I just had to post this link... not sure how long this deal will last though. Its promotional.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Jeremy's Dream

Yesterday, Jeremy told me that he had a dream that I was checking my own dilation. I checked at 2 cm and at 4 cm and then he woke up!

I told him I don't think that'll be happening since I'm pretty sure I can't reach! lol

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

George Carlin on Hurricane Katrina

I received this in my email... I haven't verified if it actually came from George Carlin or not... but, I pretty much agree with what he (or whomever) said about the events surrounding Katrina.

Here it is, copied and pasted from the email sent to me:

"Well, for me this pretty much sums it all up: Been sitting here with my ass in a wad, wanting to speak out about the bullshit going on in New Orleans. For the people of New Orleans...First we would like to say, Sorry for your loss. With that said, Let's go through a few hurricane rules: (Unlike an earthquake, we know it's coming.)

#1. A mandatory evacuation means just that...Get the hell out. Don't blame the Government after they tell you to go. If they hadn't said anything, I can see the argument. They said get out, if you didn't, it's your fault, not theirs. (We don't want to hear it, even if you don't have a car, you can get out. You have feet; you have a thumb; and there were buses that came and no one rode out - Duh! Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure this one out.)

#2. If there is an emergency and you plan not to evacuate, stock up on water and non-perishables (and rubber rafts). If you didn't do this, it's not the Government's fault you're starving and wet.

#2a. If you run out of food and water, find a store that has some. (Remember, shoes, TV's, DVD's and CD's are not edible. Leave them alone.)

#2b. If the local store has been looted of food or water, leave your neighbor's TV and stereo alone. (See #2a) They worked hard to get their stuff. Just because they were smart enough to leave during a mandatory evacuation, doesn't give you the right to take their's theirs, not yours.

#2c. If you're one of those negligent humans who subjected their children to this disaster by staying in New Orleans, putting what you wanted to do before their safety, then you need to be prosecuted for endangering their lives. If you are a person who stole non-edible items in front of your children then you should be prosecuted for contributing to the delinquency of minors. And if your child was hurt, became ill due to the conditions or died during this disaster, then you should be executed.

#3. If someone comes in to help you, don't shoot at them and then complain no one is helping you. I'm not getting shot to help save some dumbass who didn't leave when told to do so.

#4. If you are in your house that is completely under water, your belongings are probably too far gone for anyone to want them, so that reason for staying put doesn't hold much water (pardon the pun). If someone does want them, let them have them and hopefully they'll die in the filth. Just leave! (It's New Orleans, for Christ's sake - find a voodoo warrior and put a curse on them.)

#5. My tax money should not pay to rebuild a 2 million dollar house, a sports stadium or a floating casino. Also, my tax money shouldn't go to rebuild a city that is under sea level. You wouldn't build your house on quicksand would you? You want to live below sea-level, do your country some good and join the Navy.

#6. Regardless of what the Poverty Pimps Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton want you to believe, The US Government didn't create the Hurricane as a way to eradicate the black people of New Orleans; (Neither did Russia as a way to destroy America). The US Government didn't cause global warming that caused the hurricane (We've been coming out of an ice age for over a million years).

#7. The government isn't responsible for giving you anything. This is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, but you gotta work for what you want. McDonalds and Wal-Mart are always hiring, get a damn job and stop sponging off the people who are actually working for a living. President Kennedy said it best..."Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

#8. This situation was the fault of your state's power-hungry Governor (dumb bitch didn't want to admit she wasn't in control and hand things over to FEMA and National Guard) and your proud, but innately ignorant, minority Mayor. The year after he was elected Nagy (Nagin) took all the $4.5 Million in emergency funds allocated to assist New Orleans' residents, for just this type disaster, and used them to teach minority kids to play sports. So if you're up to your waist in muck and starving, ask a kid with a basketball for some assistance because he got your funds.

Thank you for allowing me to rant."