Friday, February 13, 2009

Update :)

Well, things were looking really great for us... Jeremy had gotten this job with directional drilling... 3 mths of training and then he'd be a night hand and double his pay. Already, as a trainee, he was bringing home more money then his previous jobs...

He was almost finished his training... when he was called into the office and laid off last Friday :( :( :( He was on his way home from Texas (where his training was taking place) and called his last job and was employed again... out of a job for maybe 2 hrs... so, he went back to work the following Monday.

What really sucks is that we were making plans. We were looking at homes & land... we were so excited because it looked like we'd be in our own place by the end of the year (or maybe sooner!)! We were going to be able to put the girls in dance & gymnastics or whatever else they wanted.

So... while those plans are still in the air... it looks like they will take longer to come to fruition :(

One positive thing is that because Jeremy was laid off and not fired, he's eligible for rehire once they need the workers again! Hopefully, that won't be too far off into the future!

And right now is the perfect time to buy... everything was looking up for us :/ Just very disappointing... we were both crying over the phone with one another when he told me :(