Thursday, January 06, 2011

A New Year

I know I haven't been keeping up my blogs... thanks to Facebook! lol

Anyways... thought I'd update today... beginning of a new year and all...

Great news! I am starting this year under 140 lbs!!! woohoo!!! It has been soooo long since I've seen the 130's on any scale for myself! And it feels WONDERFUL! I still a little ways to go until I reach my goal... but, I'm loving this!

How'd I do it? Well, being that going to Curves everyday, pretty much 5 times a day, wasn't working so well (had been going for over a year... lost inches but only like 5 lbs)... I decided to go a different route. A route I never thought I'd do... but, I was soooo tired of being 160 lbs!!! That's way too much weight for someone of my stature and I just couldn't shake it! So, I went to a diet doctor! He's actually a doctor of internal medicine and does this on the side. And I've been taking phentermine... I just started my 5th month. So, the weight isn't drastically disappearing, but it is... slowly and wonderfully! Size 8 jeans are loose! I can fit some size 6's... yay! Love it, love it, love it!!!
This picture, I took Oct. 27th, 2010.
Yes, dirty bathroom mirror! lol  Oh well...
Anyways, I've lost a little more weight since this pic :D

What I'm going to work on now is working out! ha ha ha Yeah... I've lost weight... but, really need to tone up!!! Thankfully, we have work out 'games' for both the Wii & XBox360!

So, personal goals for myself for this year is to get down to 125 lbs and be toned up! Another goal: Get divorce papers from John! He's remarried (so he's said- legally... IDK...). I need to figure out how to attain them... if its not really filed, than that needs to be done pronto!!!

Another thing I recently got accomplished is that I finally have a birth certificate AND social security number for Wyatt!!! Yes... I should have tried to get these done prior to now... but... it's finally done!!! woohoo! Now Jeremy can amend the tax forms he's turned in and file the others :))

Also, after the taxes are all done, we can actually start looking for a place for ourselves!!! And on a slightly different note, we can apply for LaChip insurnace for low income families! woohoo! Its for medical, dental, vision, etc!!! Awesome! And way cheaper than other insurances I've been looking into!

Speaking about Jeremy (I know, he doesn't want me talking about him on my blog... but, this is good stuff :-D)... our relationship has much improved in the past 2 yrs! Its been great! He's still not drinking and says he has no desire to (whew!)!
Also, he was promoted to Foreman of the Pipe Department at work! Because of that, we were invited to the company's annual Christmas Party! Wow!!! How cool was that? We actually went! Jeremy's mom said she could babysit the kids... so, we dropped them off on the way there and they slept over :)
He has also maintained the weight he went down to when he was training for Ryan! So, he's under 180lbs :)

Our Kids:

Wyatt & Ursula just had their bdays last month... so, my baby is now 5 yrs old! Ursula is 8 :D Calista will be 12 next month! I plan on getting her a little bit of real make-up for her bday :D I let her wear brown mascara sometimes and light lip gloss... but, this will be her's :) She's been shaving her legs for a few months now... ha ha ha    My tiny girl is getting older!

Something else pertaining to my girls is that bus wreck that happened on Dec. 3rd, 2010.  I'll try to post more about that on their blog.  That really sucked... My heart still wrenches when I see a bus or pass the spot where the accident happened.  I am bringing them to the chiropractor.

Jeremy's dad will be gone a year on Jan. 12th :(  It's something that Jeremy's been struggling with.  We actually stayed up all night Sunday night, talking about him... he even went to work Monday morning even though he literally had no sleep!  But, he said he loved that night and it really helped him deal with his passing.  Jeremy's mom is supposed to get remarried in Las Vegas on Jan. 25th... crazy, huh?  Another thing Jeremy's having a hard time with...