Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Celebrity-Look-A-Likes

Okay... guess I was a little bored... but, I think its kind of fun to do these celebrity look-a-likes :D What's cool too is seeing the same people in my children's line-up :D Go check their's out too :D (their links are on the right side of the blog).

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well, I'm tired of being overweight... I have no idea why... but, it seems ever since school started, I've gained weight.... steadily... almost like my body thinks its pregnant... yet... I've had my monthly periods and no nausea. I'm quite certain I'm not pregnant... just fat. I'm heavier now than I've ever been while not pregnant. Its ridiculous. (See how fat I am in these recent pictures??? Disgusting!)


I called Curves today. There's one about 10 minutes from my house. One of the best things about the call was that I won't have to worry about where Wyatt will go, as in being babysat! There's a little area where kids can play and the receptionist (I think that's who it'll be) watches over them. There's a TV, game system, colors, etc. Woohoo! Because, that was one of my concerns... what would I do about Wyatt if I join a gym/health club. And being that the work-outs are only 30 minutes, it shouldn't be too bad w/Wyatt being a little distant from me.

I have an appointment for Thursday at 10:30am. Since the girls are off from school this week, they'll be accompanying me as well... which should work out well with getting Wyatt a little acclimated with being there and all. She's giving me a free week pass (which, yes, I know, they give those out to new members all the time). I told her I may not be able to join just yet... have to see how the money falls as its been quite tight for us recently.

But, I have to say, I'm excited :D What I like also, besides short work-out times, is that there's no contract. They debit your account every month but you can quit whenever. You can also pay monthly without the bank debit but it's $10 more a month. I figure I'll be there at least 6 months. Oh, yeah, I just remembered, they give you 3 months a year to 'pass' on... like, in case someone gets sick in your family and you can't come in... so, that's cool... no need to pay if that happens.

It'll be $34 a omonth plus tax. Registration is $149... HOWEVER, if I join before March 31st and bring in a bag of food, it'll only be $30. Now, there's incentive, huh? :))

I was telling Jeremy about it and he was like, well, since you're paying half the amount you used to for car insurance... which is so true! With USAgencies, I was paying like $78/month plus a down payment every 6 months of over $100. I switched to Farm Bureau and pay $34/month with a $34 down payment every year and a $30 annual membership fee.... plus, it might even get cheaper the longer I'm with them and continue to have no accidents.

Anyways, cool how that worked out :D

Jeremy started with a new company 2 weeks ago (or around that). And he's going offshore for them sometime this week... Friday is the date as of now. He said he'll be gone a minimum of 2 weeks!!! Crazy, huh? I'm so not used to being home alone at night... in the last 11 yrs... heck... in my life... LOL I think I might have slept all by myself (not counting children) a handful of times!!!

One good thing about him going offshore is the money he'll bring in. We'll be out of 'the rears' again! woohoo! Things have been kind of tight since, like, December... which is why he quit his job and got this new one.

American Idol

Okay... right from the beginning I've thought the guys were better than the girls... and man... tonight... David Cook gave me goose bumps with his version of Billie Jean! It was sooo good! I told Jeremy that I could definitely see me paying for tickets to go to his show! He's a rocker :D

My favorites are:

David Archuleta He has such a smooth, nice voice :)
David Cook A true rocker :)
Jason Castro What a cutie!!! He's adorable :)

I have no favorite girls... well, I like Carly & Brooke alright... but, not as much as the guys.

Friday, March 07, 2008