Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Happenings

So, two weeks ago, Ursula got braces on her top teeth.  Brought her in for a check-up today and everything's great!  Orthodontist said she can't stop wearing the splint/retainer on her bottom teeth because that top tooth has jumped over the front bottom one now :D  However, in the van, Ursula said she will continue wearing it because it hurts her to bite down when she's not wearing it.  I bring her back in 4 weeks - April 29th.

Calista's drawing a lot (naturally) in her sketch pads.  She started writing lyrics now :)  I had her watch a little Ukulele tutorial videos on YouTube... I mean, we have that Ukulele, a Violin, and an Electric Guitar that is just sitting around!  My kids need to learn to play!  LOL  But, I didn't know she had started writing lyrics prior to having her watch the videos... So, that was a bonus :)

Wyatt... he's doing fine :)  Just have to keep those lips hydrated!  Man!  If I'm not on him about putting lip stuff on, his poor lips get so chapped!  He fights with our little neighbor, Chase.  Chase is a year younger but just as big; probably weighs a little more than Wyatt.  They play well sometimes but usually it ends up with them being mad at each other.  Wyatt plays better with our other neighbor, Sarah, who's also a year younger; even though he used to say she was just annoying... LOL  Yeah, his words...

Ok... I'll update myself last...

Aimee... oh gosh... Aimee is in the local jail in Paulding County for being in contempt of court. :(  She'll be there for 30 days or less.  She can't bond out.  She has to agree to do a psychological evaluation before she can leave.  And it's with the same doctor who did Hal's; I guess that won't go over very well.  Because of her not behaving in court, Hal has the children on the weekends.  Not full time because the child protective services want to take it slow.  The children are all in public school too.  Roman's in 9th (I think), Soleil's in 8th (the only one in her correct grade), Jasper's in 4th, and Eliana's in 1st.  Should Aimee get out (which could be within 2 wks), she isn't allowed to see her kids until the next court date; which is in beginning of May!  OH!  And her house is going on the auction block in the meantime!  She wants Angele to help her with the paperwork do keep it off while she's in jail!

Angele has been going up to Georgia, to go to court with Aimee.  I feel badly that she's the only one going but, she's the only one available... we all have kids :-/  She and Shane found a house to rent in Thibodaux; so, I guess they'll be moving soon.  Thankfully!  They were all living in the Raceland house with Dad!  Her & Shane, Cherie & her 3 kids, Jared and his 4 kids when it was his turn to have them... WAY too many for one small house!

Cherie... Cherie just called me the other day to tell me she's getting married next month!!!  Yep!  Her 3rd marriage; 2nd guy.  She's marrying the guy she was living with in Georgia, Richard.  He's coming down here for Easter vacation and they'll get married on that Saturday.  She'll stay in Louisiana until after school is over and then move up there with him.  Racquelle will stay and graduate from Central.

Jared... not sure about what's going on with him besides that he has been going out drinking on the weekends and having either Cherie or Racquelle pick him up to go home.  Cherie said he's made a profile on PlentyofFish... :-/  And rutted up the yard really badly trying to get unstuck. 

Dad quit his job.  Said he just wasn't into it anymore.  Said it took time away from Dancing and Romancing... LOL  Has a girlfriend... forgot her name.

Mom... she's still mom.  Trying to convince her to move into that high rise in Houma.  The monthly rent goes according to your income; it would be so much cheaper for her to live there than in the house in Montegut that's in bad disrepair :(  I love that house... but, my uncle and his kids left it in shambles :(  It's so sad :(

Jeremy... he's always complaining about something hurting.  We figured out that he can't handle dairy; so, that's out.  Right now, he's saying it hurts where his butt ends and his leg begins.  Says he can't run even if he wanted to.  Along with whatever's going on in his gut... said he feels something there; an obstruction; won't go check it out.

And finally... me...  Yesterday and today, I've been spotting... it shouldn't be time for my period because I just had it 2 weeks ago.  I looked it up and it said it could be ovulation bleeding (which I don't usually have) or perhaps even implantation bleeding... which would be crazy and totally unplanned... guess we'll have to see what happens in the next couple weeks.  But, it almost looks like I'm about to start my period again!  Could it be the start of menopause?  Oh gosh... already???

I've been having chronic lower back pain... when I sneeze, it hurts!  So, I've been doing crunches and back exercises to strengthen my core... to help alleviate this pain! 

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Washing Machine

So, we bought a brand-new Frigidaire front loader Electrolux from Lowe's about 2/3 years ago... and thankfully, we've kept the warranty on it!!!  I've called for the repairman at least 5 times!  Finally,  I call again to get another service order and talk to this chic named Ebony :-)  She looked at our warranty records and put in a request for us to get a brand-new replacement!!!

I think it's awesome that of all the appliances we've bought over the years,  this is the ONLY time we bought the extended warranty!!!

What's wrong with the machine?  Well, it's been leaking this whole time (well, since the first call for the repairman)!  He's replaced the motor twice already as well as other parts and still,  it leaks :-(  Now the door is trying fall off!  I have to lift it to close it and there's something rattling inside of it.

I think this may be the reason we get another extended warranty for future purchases!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Icicles in March!

So, yeah... how weird... it was cold enough the night before last to freeze the water into icicles... on everything outside!   Yes, really pretty... but how strange...