Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jeremy's 2nd Tattoo

This was done this past Tuesday.  Tattoo artist is Ronald aka Monster.

Not long after he started,  Jeremy passed out!  That was freaky!  I was peeling garlic, looking at him... and he was jerking forward... I thought he was messing around and thought, "Why would he be doing that knowing it can mess up his tattoo? ".  Ronald looked at me and back at him and then Jeremy started falling forward slowly...  I got to him before he hit the table and sat him back up.  The whole time, his eyes are open and he has a blank stare.

I hold his head in my hands and start calling his name.  He didn't respond for a little while.  Ronald said he squirted some water on the back of his neck and that's when he started coming around.

I gave him water, made him a quick sandwich, and he ate a banana.

He said he felt light-headed right before,  he felt his belly,  thought he had to fart.  Doesn't remember any of it, of course.

He felt fine aafterwards and got this whole thing done in one sitting. 

Ronald and his girlfriend, Stephanie, left around 11 p.m.

I cooked a chicken and sausage gumbo over brown rice.  They liked it and had seconds. :-D