Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

First off, tonight will mark me and Jeremy's first kiss; the prelude to our furture together;  17 years now!!!

Seventeen years!  That's a LONG time!  Hahaha

So much has happened in those years... 3 kids... almost ended it.., but, here we are!  Still together and content :-)

Secondly,  resolutions.

Yes, I'm doing the typical one; LOSE WEIGHT and KEEP IT OFF!!!

I will start it off by doing a 3-day fast... ans then trying to keep up a regular work-out/exercise schedule!!!

I'm like 148 lbs.  I want to get back to135 lbs; to start out with!  Ultimate goal is 125 lbs... but, I know that's a stretch.

Monday, December 23, 2013


So, we let the kids have their stockings last night :-)

Let's just say that the best parts were the CANDY and bouncing putty (both from The Dollar Tree)!  Need to keep that in mind for next year... :-)

They want to open one present tonight and 2 tomorrow and the rest on Wednesday (which is Christmas Day); guess we'll see...

Jeremy just asked if I wanted to sell Zelda for $200... I'm like... why and to whom?  His friend's wife or something like that... I was like,  well, we kind of like her... even though she's a tad bit fiesty... He said it was cool and we didn't need to sale her.  Plus, the kids would be upset...

Foster Care

Well, my 4 nieces and nephews have been in foster care since before the weekend.   Soleil has been able to text when she has wifi.  She and Eliana are together with a mom named Lisa Williams.  She said Roman and Jasper are together with a family that has 5 other kids!

Today, Aimee gets to see them all and they get a psychological exam.

Aimee has agreed to enroll them in school... online, private, or even public (for now, anyways).

I'll update when I know more.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Some Messed Up Sh$t

This morning, my sister's 4 children are being flown back to GA and taken into foster care :( :( :(

How & why?  I don't even know... I'm not sure of all the details.

It started because my sister finally kicked this guy out of her house that wouldn't pay rent (in like years...)... so, he moves to Florida and called CPS on my sister and her family!

And, because my sister doesn't live the conventional ways, she ends up in court!  They went to court yesterday, and the judge wouldn't listen to anything (sister even had a lawyer she paid $3000 for!!!).  The judge just rubber stamped and passed judgement... I don't even know what the exact judgement was... I just know there's another court date in January and I'm guessing the kids will be in the foster system at least until then...

The oldest of those 4 (the oldest of them is married; 5 kids altogether) is 16... then, 13, 10, and 7 yrs old.

What worries me the most is the state taking these kids and bringing them "up to date" on their vaccinations... because they are unvaccinated... and if they give these kids ALL of them at once, it could be deadly!!!  :( :( :(

My second grave concern is any of them getting sexually or physically abused :(( :(( :((

Man... our whole family is sickened by this turn of events.