Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I remember a couple of dreams from last night.

One was a beach scene. The beach scene was probably inspired by both of my sisters-in-law. I just saw pictures of Tasha's trip to the Gulf Shores and Jessica has been going to Florida because my brother is working on a job there; and of course, I've been seeing pics from there. Anyways... its like we were living on the beach and we had a neighbor who just moved in this cool looking house with like glass windows on almost the whole front side of it. I look to the ocean and there's this huge wave coming and I'm like, "Oh NO!!!" There's no time to leave the area and the wave hits us all. I pull my kids out of the mound of sand that we were buried in (and I remember how heavy the sand felt on me in that dream! It took all of my adrenaline to get myself and my kids out). I see both of our houses are trashed. I then go about trying to rescue others that may have been buried in the sand. I find 2 little girls and pull them out. I go about seeking more but that's all I remember about that dream.

The other was me being pregnant. IRL, I know I'm not... I've even taken a pregnancy test. I had lost weight and then recently, I've put on a few pounds. I can see it in my shorts... they're fitting snug now. Okay, so in my dream, Aimee (my oldest sister with 5 kids), looks at my belly and shows me something. My belly's skin is translucent and you can see a baby's body... feet, hands, etc! Its crazy looking but at least I know why I've gained weight! Then, towards the end of the dream, I'm trying to figure out how and when I got pregnant... what 'mistakes' happened...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Memory Foam

Yesterday, Jeremy bought us a Memory Foam mattress pad. Its 4" thick. He said he was tired of us both waking up with a sore back :) Hey, if this helps, woohoo! Of course, we probably need to buy a new mattress set altogether... a bigger one... maybe even a King size! One can dream... hehehe

Last night was okay. My back wasn't so sore... but, to be quite honest... I'm not sure if its due to the Memory Foam pad. For the past couple of days, I've been taking this homeopathic remedy for backaches and I had noticed a difference before sleeping on the new mattress pad. I'm just sick of having a sore back... I've been in chronic back pain since being pregnant for Wyatt! I'm sure exercising will help. I will try to get to doing that regularly once school starts again (Aug. 10th! Already!).

My back is the reason for not wearing Wyatt like I did Ursula (in a backpack carrier). Its also the reason I don't like going to anywhere that I have to stand/walk while carrying him... Its just too hard on me.

I'm hopeful that these homeopathic pills, the Memory Foam, along with exercise will get me back to where I need to be... PAIN FREE!!! I'm too young to be in constant pain! Geez!

While I'm blogging, I'll go ahead and mention that Jeremy also bought me a new broom (woohoo! Last time I told him I needed one, he bought me the frickin' cheapest thing and it sucked!) AND the Swiffer mop thingie :) Yay!

I LOVE home improvements! :D:D:D

OOOOHHHH, another thing... I heard on the local news that by January, Medicaid will be accepting higher levels of income! So, a family of 4 that makes $60,000 will be covered! Wow! So, that means my kids will have medical insurance again! lol We don't use doctors too often, but at least I know that if they do need it, we'll have it covered!

While I'm typing about income... what's crazy is that even with Jeremy making good money, our kids still qualify for reduced lunch! Here I was, thinking that we finally got out of the poverty level... cause quite frankly, it feels like we have! We aren't stressing about the bills anymore. But noooooo... we aren't even in lower middle class, apparently. Crazy, huh? I mean, how much money do you have to make? I mean, I guess I see things differently having been pretty bad off and all. Maybe I appreciate/value things differently then those who have never been so far down.

Oh, this just came into my mind... I am guessing that the income levels are different/higher due to both parents working.

One more thing... in regards to my previous post... my period is so slight, its crazy. I mean, no heavy flow at all and this morning, no blood even in my pad. I guess I'll blog about it again next month and see if its 'normal' again. I mean, I never had a heavy flow but there would be at least 2 days of heaviness and the rest of the days would be light... usually 5-7 days altogether. Yeah, I know everyone wants to read about my period... LOL But really, this blog is for me.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Return of the Red Tide

LOL I was just trying to think of a 'clever' way of saying that my period is back. Yep. After 28 mths... it returned early this morning... good thing I had to go pee in the middle of the night! Well, at least now I can know for sure when I'm ovulating and use extra precautions!

So, here's the rundown:

It returned when Calista was 18 mths old.
Returned when Ursula was 15 mths old.
Returned when Wyatt was 19 mths old (he actually just turned 19 mths yesterday).

Soooo... I've gone 79 mths with no period altogether since May 1989. Soooo... I've gone 6.583 yrs without having to worry about my 'flow' :D

Oh the benefits of breastfeeding :)) Of course, 27 of those months were spent pregnant. So, I can only say that 52 mths (4½ yrs) were actual breaks from my menstraul cycle due to breastfeeding & extended breastfeeding.

Wyatt does most of his nursing for napping or sleeping purposes nowadays. If we're home, he'll come nurse for short periods of time and go off and play. He still nurses at least 3 times during the night... probably more.

He is just so cute :) I think he'll be funny... good sense of humor... wanting to make others laugh or at least smile... its just the things he does and the way he does them that are so cute and funny :D

Friday, July 13, 2007

Big Butts

You know, all of my life, I've been told (esp. by family members) that I have a big butt... well... I have found someone who seems to have a bigger butt! Of course, you have to keep it in perspective. I have no idea what size she is but, I know whenever I am wearing a size 3, or even a size 5, my butt isn't that big! LOL And please, don't think I'm critizing her either! I'm not, by any means! In fact, I feel relieved by her! She seems to relish her bottom! And that's awesome! I just wish I have loved mine back in the day instead of being embarrassed by it and trying to hide it by wearing huge shirts!!! I had such a bad self image back then :((

Anyway, without further ado, here's Kim Kardashian! And again. And yet again.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Home Improvements (Rental, that is)

The floor in the first bathroom in this house has always been messed up. The vinyl flooring was all cut up and stained. Well, finally, Jeremy decided it was time to fix it. So, I went to the Family Dollar with my sister, Angele, and bought a pack of those stick-on vinyl squares. Calista picked out one that is whitish with a blue diamond. Its pretty. Jeremy put them in this past Sunday and MAN, does it make a difference!!! Brightens that bathroom up. Makes it look cleaner. Also, the tiles match the shower curtain we already had up there. We did it the cheapest way because we rent. If it was our house, we would have put more into it. He also fixed the toilet innards of both bathrooms and the faucet in the first one. He'll be fixing the faucet in his soon. This was all done very recently. In the past, he has put new seals under both toilets and has put in better shower heads in both tubs.

Another home improvement has been the new blinds he bought from Home Depot for the living room. They look so nice! Those ended up being $100 for 2 windows! But, we'll take them with us.

Also... Jeremy bought us a new 30" widescreen flatscreen fatback TV! We like it a lot! What's really cool with it is that it has a digital tuner. NOW, I can finally watch local channels without static!!! woohoo! That's the only reason I wanted to get cable (which we can't get here anyways) or Satellite (only Dish Network and DirecTV are our options). Now, I don't need it (well, didn't need it before but it was just irritating watching TV all fuzzy for the past 6 yrs!

Since I'm posting stuff... next month is Jeremy's court date for his wreck! FINALLY! It'll finally get resolved and hopefully, we'll have a little extra money for it as well! Get to pay off my credit card that was used to buy J's car over 2 yrs ago! Its been 2 frickin' years. Ridiculas. At the time of the accident, J's lawyer said it would be just a matter of a couple of months until it was settled... over 2 yrs later now... J should have done what I told him in the first place... go to Morris Bart or some other lawyer that we constantly see on TV regarding auto accidents. I bet it would have been over with sooner had he done it that way. Anyways, at least now there's an end in sight!

Oh, the other weekend, on the way down to visit my family, I got a front driver-side blow-out on the interstate! Thankfully, some guy on his way home from work stopped and changed it to my spare tout suite! He looked like he worked at the mechanics part of a car dealership.

THEN, this past Sunday, I leave Jeremy with the kids (Wyatt was napping) to go get some Little Ceaser's $5 large pepperoni pizzas and I get a blow-out on the front passenger-side tire!!! Yeah! Believe the luck??? Again, thankfully, someone stopped... actually, two different vehicles stopped to help. The guys helped one another get me on my way and suggested I get that spare tire some air! So, thankfully, I was right there by Wal-Mart Supercenter, which has a Murphy gas station in front. So, I pulled in, put in 75 cents and pumped up my spare to 60 PSI... it was like at 20!!! whew! I got the pizzas and went home. Jeremy is supposed to be getting me a new tire today.

Each time before the tires blew, my car was driving weird. I thought I needed an allignment. But noooooo... that wasn't the problem. Even with the spare tire on, my car drove almost perfectly!

I hate worrying about reaching my destinations while driving alone or with just my kids!