Friday, June 30, 2006


Hmmm... my digital camera isn't working with the rechargable batteries that we have... I'm going to buy some new ones and see if the ones I have are bad; or not strong enough now... I'm crossing my fingers. If anything's wrong with my camera, I don't know how anything could have happened to it. Jeremy bought me a camera case for Mother's Day and I've been faithful about putting it in there after I use it.

I'm missing pics... Like, the other day, Wyatt pulled himself to his feet a few times; couldn't take pics of this feat :((

Trying to clean out our house. Have stuff in the trunk of my car and by the door to get rid of; plus more to go through. I'm in the middle of going through Wyatt's clothes... getting rid of anything under 9mths... which is quite a bit. Have to ask Tasha if she wants the bassinet back since he's getting to where he grabs the sides of it when he wakes up and pulls up. I guess I can set it on the floor though; I'll see. Also need to see if she wants the baby bath tub back (maybe sell on eBay?).

Doing crunches almost daily and not eating past 8pm. Some days, I'm doing other things like push-ups and leg stuff; while on the floor with Wyatt.

Our computer is crashing... depends on what we're doing on it. Like, it crashes or just the program crashes while I'm playing Sims 2; even when I disable custom content.

Been having lots of dreams; vivid ones, of course. Can't really type them up since I waited too long to record them... can't remember them well enough.

Jeremy didn't get that raise he had on that one check. They said it was a clerical error and took out the difference in his next check. Wonderful, huh? So, he only went to work one day last week, Monday, when they told him about it. He returned to work this past Monday and have gone everyday since. They didn't say anything to him; he was even supposed to work that weekend but didn't because he was proving a point to them. He's not worried if they fire him since he's in demand now and can easily find another job welding for over $20/hr now. He said he's trying to get the guys he works for to understand they need to pay their guys better or they'll lose them; they've lost like 9 guys to this one other company within the last month or so.

We're having company this weekend! Cherie and her girls and possibly mom will be here tonight and Angele and Shane will come up Sunday (more than likely). So yay! I'm glad I've been keeping the house somewhat clean... LOL I have to still pick up the girls' clothes but that's about it. Most clothes/towels/dishes are clean as of now :D woohoo! Go me! :D :D :D The bathroom and the refridgerator or both clean already! yay! :D lol

Alrighty, I think that's about it... gotta eat and finish up these chores.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Timer Pics

Okay, one of the hardest things that I've tried to do is to take family pics using the self-timer on my digital camera. You have about 10 seconds to press the button and get into position before it flashes; NOT an easy task.
None of them are satisfactory to me for one reason or another...
Here's a decent one but the girls aren't even looking at the camera... and Ursula's doing some weird thing with her eyes/face... LOL

Don't like myself in this one and don't like Calista's face in it either.

Now, this one could have been the best one if it wasn't blurry and if Wyatt would have been at least looking at the camera.

I messed this one up:( It would have been a pretty good picture of us if I wouldn't have been in the middle of talking!!! Oh well...

I took these the night before.
Would have been cuter if Calista's hair was fixed and if they would have been dressed better :D

Notice how motherly Ursula is towards Wyatt...

LOL and look at his face! lol

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mommy's Got Milk!

Sing it in the tune of Baby Got Back!

I like milk breasts and I cannot lie
you other babies can't deny
that when a mom walks in with an itty bitty waist and
two round things in your face
cuz you notice her bra is stuffed
she's deep in double d's she wearing
im hooked and i can't stop staring
OH MOMMA i wanna get witcha
and drink your juicy pitchers
Enfamil tried to lure me
but only momma's milk makes me WAY healthy!

Ooo boobie's smooth skin
it always makes me grin,
so feed me, feed me,
cause you know it makes me happy
I see 'em bouncin'
With at least six ounces
It's sweet.
This treat!
Sit down mom, pull up a seat!
I'm tired of magazines,
sayin' formula is the thing
Ask the average baby and they'll say, "Snap!
Give it to me straight from the tap!"

So, Mommas (yeah!)
Mommas (yeah!)
can you NIP without any drama?
Then nurse 'em, nurse 'em, nurse 'em, nurse 'em,
nurse your precious babes

Momma's got milk!
(Mom's sweet face over big full boobies)
Momma's got milk!
(Mom's sweet face over big full boobies)

I like 'em round and big
I'm like a little baby pig
I just can't help my self,
I'm eatin' like an animal
Bottles can't hold a candle
I wanna get that booju and slurp,
slurp it up slurp slurp
I ain't talking 'bout Playtex
Cause silicone nips are made for chumps
I like 'em real big and juicy
so give me your big bubbles
boobies don't give me trouble
rarely do I get a gas bubble
I'm lookin' at TLC's baby shows
Oh would you look at that...Oh, NO!
You can keep that mooju.
I'll keep on stickin' with booju.
A word to all you new mommas.
It's no trauma
It's not a big drama
I gotta be straight,
your baby can nurse
til the break of dawn
Now you've got it goin' on
Similac won't like this song
Cause they count on you to try it and quit it,
but you know those breasts make milk
It's not wrong. You're strong
Let's get that lactating on

So babies (squee!)
babies (squee!)
Do you wanna have your thirst sated?
Momma undo your bra, whip it out,
you make this baby shout

Momma's got milk!
(Mom's sweet face over big full boobies)
Momma's got milk!
(Mom's sweet face over big full boobies)

Yeah mommas.
When it comes to breastfeeding?
Size ain't got nothin' to do with your ability.
Bs? Cs? Double Ds?
You've got all your baby needs.

So they gave you a "success bag"
complete with a Nestle tag
But don't think that you always need
to get some free swag
Leave that sample up on the shelf
you can make it yourself
You can have some wine and sushi,
Your babe can have your milk!
Some docs wanna play that hard role
and tell you to supplement.
Momma toss it! Leave it!
The trashman can retrieve it!
So the security guard says, "Stop that!"
Well, I ain't down with that.
Cause my boobs are full
and this baby needs feeding,
It's his needs that I'll be meetin'
Some knuckleheads tried to be snide,
but the law is on my side.
I'm not feeding her in the restroom.
So stop with your doom and gloom.

So momma if your babe needs food
Go ahead and do what's good.
Sit down and feed that baby there
and let your milkies flow
Momma's got milk!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Gifts From Jeremy

Aren't they pretty?

I just LOVE them!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Life's Getting Better

Great news!
Jeremy got a raise! woohoo! Yep! We're so happy! A $5/hr more raise!!! Maybe we can finally get a dental plan! lol AND start saving up! Saving for a rainy day, for our own place, etc... Gosh, we're come a long way! Guess you have to go through crap to really appreciate the good stuff (yes, I'm being vague; its intentional).
Jeremy bought me some jewelry too! I'll have to take a picture of them and post them later; I don't feel like doing it right now; both of my youngest are sleeping and I think I should probably take advantage of this time and rest myself!
And YES, I LOVE the jewelry he bought me! I won't even describe them yet :D
You'll have to wait to see pictures :) heh heh heh
Oh yeah, I've been doing some much needed stomach exercises this week; I just need to keep doing them...