Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Pretty White Kitty

He's so pretty... just have to figure out a name for him... one that I haven't already used in the past or one that isn't so cliche'... any ideas???
Leave a comment if you think of a good one and I might use it to name him!
Here are our two white kitties together, playing of course.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Breastfeeding Support Clothes

Some cool clothes for both babies/toddlers and moms!
I'd love to buy some of those shirts!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Lastest

Well, Jeremy has a new employer and is happy and actually going in to work! woohoo!
There's even a guy that lives close-by to us that Jeremy can carpool with! That same guy gave Jeremy the truck pictured below (as well as those nice wheels and rims in the bed)! Its not in running condition; guy says it needs an engine... but, hey, that's fine! Jeremy can handle that! And now, we'll have a truck! Its a 4 cyl which is great for Jeremy's work commute. And now we won't have to ask others to haul stuff for us! yay! Its also a stick shift. Has small seats in the back which work just fine for the kids... will fit carseats.
The guy was gonna give it to another co-worker but he didn't like him very much and decided to give it to Jeremy instead :)

And here's the white kitty I'm going to keep from Momma Cat's 3rd litter of kits (still have Tiger from her first - the others were given away and her 2nd batch disappeared). Isn't he so pretty? His eyes are such a beautiful shade of blue... I didn't capture that in this photo though :(

Anyways, he has 3 brothers (another white one but with stripes on his legs), and one sister (who is soooo super soft and sweet). I know we have one already given away (Brandy) and maybe one of our neighbors will take another one since her daughter, McKenzie wants one.

Our washing machine went out at the end of last week (mine from my marriage to John; so, its about 10 yrs old). Today, Jeremy's mom picked me and the kids (except for Calista since she's in school) up to go buy a used one in Lafayette. So, now we have a 'new' one :D Its nice :) Its a Whirlpool, super capacity, large tub (the lady that owns it says she has one just like and it can easily handle washing comforters), and 7 cycles and 2 speeds. :D She gives a 30 day warranty. Paid $150 for it. She said if the motor does go out in 45 days, she'll just give us another machine... but, she said it shouldn't. I'm happy :) I'm happy that Jeremy made enough last week to pay the rent, pay a few bills, buy some clothes from an outlet mall, pay for a 'new' washing machine, and buy some groceries... all with some money still left over until Friday(next payday)! Amazing what happens when he actually goes to work, huh? :) lol

Ursula wanted to spend the day with her grandma (aka Mimi), so Jeremy'll pick her up on his way home from work... so, its just me and my sleeping baby on my back... LOL

Oh, the landlord said that our rent will increase by $50 starting in October. woohoo :( Oh well... we have been here for 5½ yrs now... guess that should be expected.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

What Peanuts Character Are You?

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I haven't updated my blogs (this one, my girls, and Wyatt's) lately because for some reason, I can't seem to upload any of my pics to what's up with that?

Its getting on my nerves... LOL I have some new pics of myself that I'd like to blog... much better than the ones I've been putting up on here... lol You can see them at MySpace (which has been consuming some of my time now) or at my Yahoo folder (not sure that link will work... if not, go here and click to the right where the photos are shown).