Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This and That

Well, after witnessing Momma Cat give birth... I'm very much dismayed to say that she apparently lost her babies :( While me and the kids went visit during Easter holidays, she moved them. And I am guessing that something got them; like an opossum or snake, or something like that. They're gone :(( If I had only been here, I might have been able to prevent their dimise!

Okay, yes, I'm still into American Idol :D I'm still voting for Taylor Hicks and Chris Daughtry. I think that either Paris or Katharine will be gone tonight.

You know what I hate? I hate being behind on bills. And Jeremy doesn't care about paying them on time. I just don't get it. Why not pay when you have the money? They aren't going to go away or diminish over time; just the contrary. I'm trying be blaise' about it. He isn't and hasn't given me any money for a while now. He gave me $100 to go to visit my family... but, that was mostly for gas and I paid my brother $52 for the land taxes out of it; that Jeremy doesn't know. Not that I'm hiding from him... but, I just forget to tell him.

Its also irritating to have my neighbor's kid here all day long while she naps. If my kids go over there, she doesn't allow them in the house, so I don't allow her daughter in my house. Plus, she doesn't go out there watching them if they're over there... and they're close to a road/HWY; so, I really don't like them there... she also indulges them with candy. And its not like she has any other kids either. Just that one dd that lives with them. She also drinks too much too. Don't get me wrong, I talk to her and all... but, she's one of those people who just don't know when to leave! I have stuff to do at my house. I don't need to entertain her all the time.

Guess I'm feeling bitchy today. Sorry.

The little neighbor girl is nice and all... I have no problem with her... and like I said, I talk to her mom and all... its just irritating to me; here I am, with 3 kids, a house that constantly needs cleaning from the 5 inhabitants and she (the other mom) gets to lounge around while her kid is here; and I have to keep my eyes on them... which impedes progress in my house. Again, I'm glad my girls have another girl to play with; lord knows I would have LOVED to have someone next-door to play with when I was growing up.


Jessica said...

Not bitchy, just venting, right? I don't know excatly what you mean, but I start to wonder if my kids will ever get to know our new neighbors kids :D So far so good, at least after reading your blog :D

Alison said...

I mean, every once in a while, its not so irritating... but, being that the girls have this week off from school, the neighbor kid has been here every day, for like hours at a time... like from after lunch until 5 or 6pm! I mean, come on... everyday... over here.... and then, the neighbor girl will probably not being going to her dad's all summer... so, yay... I'm foreseeing her being here from morning to evening.

Jessica said...

well you could always "get away" and come here for a few days :D LOL
Makes you want to GO GO GO...every after noon go to a park or something, and NOT invite her...
that might be kind of mean, maybe you could invite the mom and her?
But yeah, she'll prob be there alot.