Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pissed Off

Man, Jeremy makes me so mad!

He told me that he won't give me the money to get the girls registered in gymnastics!!! WTF??? He says they aren't disciplined. He's such a selfish $%%#$. It'll cost $120 to register them and $120/mth. Its not like he can't afford this. I know he spends more than that on beer and cigerettes alone in a month!!! You know, I don't ask him for anything. Nothing. I hardly ever ask him for money. You know what money I get? I get the change from paying bills & groceries. We pay them in cash, in person. So, I get that. I don't ask for new outfits. I don't ask for new jeans. I don't ask him to pay for my hair cuts & colors (my sister does them for me). I don't ask him for hardly anything. You know where the majority of my clothes come from??? Thrift stores or are given to me.

You can't convince me that he doesn't blow $120 or more on crap during any given month... kwim? How is this not worth it? He's trying to hurt me? Because he thinks I don't/can't discipline the kids. So, he's punishing me???

I'm so frickin' irritated with him.

I yelled at him, "You know how well Calista will excell in this! Just think of the pride you'll feel when you see her perform!!!" I told him to think about it while at work.

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Jessica said...

I have a couple of things to say concerning this post. Lets just start with gymnastics. I mean, you know I think that Calista would be absolutely amazing in gym!! I think that this could be looked at as a life altering move. To or Not to. Ya know? I mean not only the career of it, or the motivation, but the entertainment of it. To keep the girls off the streets (not that they are, but....) and involved in something so positive. IF not then what would they be doing? I just think that the wrong things in life are so easily aces- sable. Esp in the public school system. Getting them involved in gym would put them in a mind set that their body's are important and are to be taken care of...ya know what I mean?
I think that maybe you could physically make a list, for him and you to see. One would be the estimated list of things that you see are bought that are not necessary. In one month. Include things like CD players or ....vacuums....that he likes to get for you, that are not necessary. Nice, but are really extras. Maybe you could tell him that you would gladly give up some little things to see them in gym.

Okay about the discipline. Does he not realize yet that kids are worst w/their own parents? What has his parents told him about the girls? I would imagine that they say things like how much they loved much fun...blah. What about Calista's teachers? What kind of conduct does she get? Might bring to his attention that they might listen better after starting gym, and would learn some discipline, self discipline. And by not putting them in gym will not improve them at all. Maybe you could tell him somethings like lets give it a shot. And maybe you could tell the kids that if they don't improve, esp at home, that you will pull them out. That this is their only chance! But really gym or no gym shouldn't be a way to discipline.
There's my thoughts, as worthless as they are. I hope you can convince him....
hey ya'll come or what?