Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Momma Cat

On September 1st, Momma cat gave birth to two kittens. One pure black one and one gray with some other colors on it. By Sept. 2nd, she had given birth to three more kittens (one black/gray tabby like herself and 2 black tourtiseshells). She still looked pregnant because normally, she's a thin cat. Sure enough, by Sept 3rd, all 6 were out of her. But, the last one was stillborn :( I'm guessing it must have been hindering the births of the previous 3 which is why it too her so long to birth all of her babies. The stillborn baby was almost an identical twin to the gray one born on the first day. And Momma Cat didn't try to get rid of it either. In fact, she cleaned it thoroughly, just like it was alive. I had left it, just in case it wasn't dead and maybe it just looked it. The next morning, it had been moved and all the other kittens were snuggled next to it. It felt warm. But, it was surely dead. I disposed of it after the girls got on the bus this morning.

I'm just surprised Momma Cat left in there. In my experience, the momma cats will even eat the dead baby... or at least, take it away from the other kittens.

Anyways, the rest of the kittens (5 of them) are doing great. They are nursing and nursing and nursing and getting fat bellies :) One of the black tourtiseshell ones was even purring this morning! I love that!

And yes, my other kittens are still gone thanks to my neighbor. I don't even want to imagine what she had done to them.

To my bitchy neighbor who will NEVER be a friend of mine again, word of advice:

Leave them alone and they won't bother you. My animals are my 'problem' not yours. I'll find homes for them in MY due time not YOURS!


Jessica said...

cool to hear/read!! i was wondering what "its time to throw down" meant!

Alison said...

Yes, it was meant for my neighbor to hear but also, I love that song by 311 :D

Jessica said...

i'm sure you do!! :D did u hear my song? Jared likes it, but in a day r 2 i'm going to change it to something i like!!

Anonymous said...

COOL!!! Screw you bitchy neighbor!

Tasha, who can't remember her password to log in as myself! HAHA

Alison said...

LOL @ Tasha who can't remember her login password... hehehe Its been THAT long since you blogged, huh girl? hehe

Yeah, what sucks is that we used to be friends and she liked turned in an instant into a fucking bitch.