Friday, August 29, 2008


Ironically, its exactly 3 years since Katrina hit Louisiana; now we have Gustav to worry about.

This time, the political officials are trying their best to prepare people early. Some parishes have been already ordered to evacuate. Gustav isn't expected to hit the coastline until Monday or Tuesday (today's Friday).

So, last night, the first set of evacuees arrived at our house :) My sister, Cherie, & her 3 children. What's funny is that she had already planned to spend Labor Day weekend with us before Gustav decided to form.

I'm a little more prepared this time... plus, I'm not pregnant (I was 4 mths pregnant with Wyatt for Katrina & Rita)! :) A few months ago, my sister, Angele, came for the weekend and helped me clean out the back room and move the girls in there. The first bedroom became the kids' entertainment room. It has their TV, VCR, GameCube, books, & toys in it. Well, it wasn't really organized until yesterday :) I finally got that finished up and woohoo! I feel so much better! Anyways, now, there's plenty of room for my family to spend time here... more comfortably. That first room/entertainment can now have an air mattress on the floor, or sleeping bags or both. In the living room, we have a sofa bed and another large sofa that can be used to sleep on. If the sofa bed isn't used, the sofa can be used as well as the floor between the sofas.

I'm expecting my brother, his wife & 4 kids, my mom, my sister, Angele & her dh, Shane, and maybe even my dad... I haven't spoken to him but last I knew, he was supposed to go along with my brother, Jared.

The crazy thing is that this hurricane also has another on its foottails... much like Katrina with Rita... however, they are predicting Hanna to go up the east coast. Its still too early to tell what either hurricane will do... where they will hit...

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