Thursday, September 04, 2008

Things To Do While Waiting for the Electricity to be Turned On...

Put crazy make-up on each other!

Cherie was the make-up artist this day... hehehe
That's Ursula in front of her and Cherie's daughter, Olivia, behind her.

Ursula all made up.

And a side view :)

Sophia was Cherie's first subject... :)

Sophia putting make-up on 'Nanny' (my mom/her grandma).



Olivia & Ursula (Olivia is a little bit taller than Ursula but not as much as this picture portrays... she's in heels... lol)


All 5 of the girls together:
Top row: Racquelle & Calista
Bottom row: Sophia, Ursula, & Olivia

It was then our turns... Cherie's face was done by Olivia & Sophia (her daughters)

My look was done by Ursula... she said I looked beautiful... ha ha ha yeah... right...

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Jessica said...

OMG. That's what happens when there's no electricity. LOL