Wednesday, December 16, 2009

End of the Year... Already??? OMG

I just can't believe how FAST this year has flown by!!! geez

My baby, my son, Wyatt will be 4 yrs old soon!!! And I'm sooo enjoying him!!! hehehe He cracks me :) He's too cute :D And being that he'll be 4 this month, I came to the realization that this has been the LONGEST time I've gone without being pregnant ever since I started having sex! lol WOW! hehehe

Ursula will be 7 this month too! Lil Ms. Bossy... ha ha ha She's doing really well in 1st grade.

I haven't even planned a bday party for them :( I'll probably just end up baking 2 cakes here for them... no biggie.

I've been using Jeremy's laptop for the last couple of weeks because something went wrong with my desktop :( I swear, everytime anyone else besides the people who live here, gets on my PC (every computer I've ever had), something happens and usually I end up having to format. It happened again... for the first time on this computer... see... I wasn't letting anyone use... I know, I probably sounded so much like a bitch... but, really, every one of my siblings has at least one laptop... so, really, no need to use mine. Well, in October, we had everyone here. My sister & her family from Georgia came in along with my sibs and mom from Houma/Thibodaux/Raceland all spent time at my house... we planned a birthday party at the local ice skating rink for the two 10-yrs old (Calista & Soleil). And even while they were still here, my PC started acting funny. Like taking forever to go through my pictures (on my hard drive) when usually it zips through them. And that progressed to other areas... severe lag... then, soon after that, it started showing errors and it shut down Windows, then the cursor would stop and control + alt + delete wouldn't work right... it would bring up another error... and then the only thing to do was to just shut it down.

So... after trying to figure it out via scans (mostly wouldn't finish any of them before it would shut down on its own), I decided I needed to get my pictures off. Generally, I had approximately 20 minutes to do stuff on my computer before it would freak out. So, I took the two usb drives I had and would transfer pics from my computer to Jeremy's. I also noticed that if I turned my computer back on right away, it wouldn't work right... its like it had to cool down for a couple hours... so, with over 35 gigs of pics on my PC (that's NOT counting the ones I had on my other computers that are saved to disc already), it took me quite a few days to get. I finally was able to buy a 1TB external hard drive and finish the process. (Able to buy because Jeremy had a gift card from Ryan Energy from last year that I couldn't figure out how to use... I registered it and all but it would never go through when I tried to purchase stuff... so, I just, pretty much, forgot about it until recently... because after a year, the card {Chase gift card} starts taking money out every month... so, I finally called the number on the back of the card - hadn't before because I loathe talking to foreign people in customer service? why? because I have a hard time understanding them!!! Anyways, I called, it was automated! woohoo! And YES! My card was finally activated!) So, to get back to my story.... hahahaha I finally was able to format my computer!

I was so happy while it was doing its job... anticipating being able to use it again! Play my games (Sims 3... lol) and have a bigger screen, a mouse, no touchpad that did crazy things bc my fingers accidently drag or touch it... etc.

Well... it was working... I put in my inital stuff... it had to start over... I noticed how long it was taking but just thinking maybe this was usual for the initial process. hmmm.... apparently it wasn't because guess what???? Errors came up and failure to boot showed up!!! OMG!!! I was soooo pissed! Every time I've ever formatted my computers, its always worked!!! ALWAYS!!! WTF???

Jeremy had already suggested our hard drive must be corrupt. And I'm sorry to say this, but, he's usually right... lol He has this intuition thing because when he gets a feeling, he's usually right or close to the target.

So, after formatting didn't work, he said it again... its our hard drive... something's wrong with it.

Well, thankfully, we have a computer tech neighbor and Jeremy went talk to him Monday night. He said he'd work on it and get running again and get it back to us by this weekend! woohoo! We will probably have to buy another hard drive... but, c'est la vie, huh? He also told Jeremy it could have been a firmware problem (we haven't talked to him since he's had it)... said that sometimes, we give viruses to our computers without realizing it... with other stuff... such as cell phones. And you know, while my family was here, we had at least 3 different cell phones connected to it... to charge them because the chargers were either forgotten at home or just in the car and they didn't feel like getting them. He said that could definitely have been the problem.

Just so you know... Jeremy has helped this neighbor in the past, with his vehicles... so... it evens out :D

Yes, I know that was boring to read! lol But, it was for my own benefit... to jot that down for future reference... I have such a terrible memory... which is the reason for the plethora of pictures, videos, and blogs.

On the homefront...!

Jeremy & I have had our best year ever (I believe)! Its amazing the changes he's made and kept!!! He stopped all alcohol and hasn't had any in at least 6 mths... no hard liquor in a year! He's more laid back. He's helping more around the house with chores, cooking, and children (hey... 3 C's! lol). He's interacting with the children WAY more in positive ways.

And when I say he's helping with chores... I'm not saying he's doing major things because, obviously he works and I don't... so, he shouldn't have to do much.... but, little things... like not leaving his clothes in the living room... and taking out the garbage once in a while... he's been cooking more but really, I don't see that as a chore because he LOVES to cook.... hahaha really he does. And he's good at it.

Jeremy & I both have unlimited texting and data on our cell phones... so, we text each other all day. He calls me on his breaks and for lunch. He's on facebook too but he isn't very active. He's taking compliments people give me MUCH better and he'll comment afterwards... hahaha Its funny :D

Another thing... we dressed up for Halloween along with the kids... we went to his brother's house and the kids trick or treated out there :D His brother and sil also dressed up :D We had a good time :) It was a first for us.... sometimes, Jeremy wouldn't even come to the house with us in the past! This time, we all walked together!

We're doing sooooo much better! A year ago, I thought it was truly over. I saw no hope for us/our family. I only saw it getting worse and worse... as it had been over the course of 11 yrs we'd been together. But, as we approach our 13th year, things are better than ever. :D woohoo Hip hip harray!

Oh, going back to neighbors... our neighbor also apologized for her behavior two years ago and said we showed her what it was to be charitable and she left crying. We, of course, forgave her and I gave her hug. We haven't really spoken since... but, at least that weight has been lifted and its okay again between us.

About our neighborhood... we live in one of 4 rent houses. We keep hearing talk about our landlord wanting to sell a couple of them. We hear this from his son, who lives across from us and from a neighbor behind us. If he gives us a good enough price, we may buy. If we do, Jeremy's gonna have to add-on to this house! And we'll have to give it a makeover!

In just 3 more paychecks, Jeremy's garnishment will be over! woohoo! That's been 25% of each check, each week for a year! With that garnishment gone, we'll be able to save up for a down payment for our own place (if we don't get a good price for this house). We'd like to get a doublewide. I know the common thought about them... but, really... they're very nice. And in this area of world, they have to be built even stronger/better because of the hurricanes we get. To those of you who aren't familar with how doublewides look nowadays... you should really go check them out! There's some really beautiful ones out there! And to make the outside look better, we may have my brother-in-law, Shane, brick up the front... Also add a covered porch, and a flower garden, nice driveway, and you have yourself a good-looking doublewide!

Anyways, things are looking up :D Like I told Jeremy, I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel now! woohoo!


Carla said...

I'm glad to hear that things between you and Jeremy are so much better. it did sound really bleak last year. It's funny how that works out. Bobby and I were having a rough year, but since our 15th anniversary in Aug, things are....just different. We haven't changed anything, things just improved. I guess sticking it out for 15 years makes you really appreciate one another. LOL

Good to hear an update.... finally. LOL

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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