Thursday, March 06, 2014

Washing Machine

So, we bought a brand-new Frigidaire front loader Electrolux from Lowe's about 2/3 years ago... and thankfully, we've kept the warranty on it!!!  I've called for the repairman at least 5 times!  Finally,  I call again to get another service order and talk to this chic named Ebony :-)  She looked at our warranty records and put in a request for us to get a brand-new replacement!!!

I think it's awesome that of all the appliances we've bought over the years,  this is the ONLY time we bought the extended warranty!!!

What's wrong with the machine?  Well, it's been leaking this whole time (well, since the first call for the repairman)!  He's replaced the motor twice already as well as other parts and still,  it leaks :-(  Now the door is trying fall off!  I have to lift it to close it and there's something rattling inside of it.

I think this may be the reason we get another extended warranty for future purchases!

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