Tuesday, July 11, 2017


So, yes, I'm doing this again!  I just can tolerate being this big!  I weighed in at like 178lbs at the doctor's office yesterday!!! I wear a size 10 or 12.  My boobs are ginormous!  My most recent bra that I've bought is a 34K!  And then, I have to fix them in there to fit without having "DT's" (double tits)!  The electrical thing they do to measure fat and all shows my visceral fat is at 10.  They want it under 9. Jeremy went too. His visceral fat is 15!  He weighed in at 202lbs. 

So, we have both started phentermine today.  Doc suggested 1/2 a pill a day for the first 4 days... to get acclimated to them. And then half in the morning (like, between 8-10 am) and then the 2nd half around lunch (12-2 pm).

I have used this before with great results, so, I'm excited to be my normal weight again!

I'm thinking I'm going to stay with it until I am at my desired size... then, every few months, get another script to maintain.

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