Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My Birthday

Yep, today I am 32 yrs old! Where has the time gone??? Really, now.

Jeremy bought me a rose tree to plant :) I love it :D And a 5 tier planter with 5 pots and 5 seed packs (came altogether)... seeds are cilantro, parsly, chives, umm.... I forget... And he bought some Miracle Grow along with more of that little fence to go around my flower garden. PLUS, he was nice to me all day :D

I washed 3 batches of clothes, hung up 2 of them.

Calista came home and first thing she asked was, "How is the baby?" lol

The little neighbor girl, Kori (8 yrs old), came over and all 3 girls swam in our little pool :D I took some cute pics of them.

I missed American Idol though! Jeremy wanted to watch Revelations. However, Angele called and told me they kicked off Constantine!!! Man... He was no longer my favorite, but, I still liked him. Can't believe he's gone and Scott is still there... he sings through his nose! I am rooting for Bo Bice :D

So, it was a pretty decent day (in spite of missing the results show) :D


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!


Alison said...


Alison said...

Hi Alison, it's been a real long time since we've talked!.. Happy belated birthday, and I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. But I'm very happy to hear you are pregnant!! congrats. Talk to you later..


Alison said...

Hey Alison :D
Yeah, things have been somewhat hectic here...

Thanks :D

BTW, it was my grandma who passed :D My mom is still alive and kicking ;D hehe

I'm happy to be pregnant :D