Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My Grandmother

My grandmother passed @ 2:35am Monday morning. The wake is Friday and the funeral is Saturaday. No, we didn't want to wait so long... but as devestated as my uncle was to not be able to be there, he begged us not to bury her before he came in from Africa. He should be in tomorrow night. Its like a 30 something hr trip via plane.. the plane goes to Paris first then to Texas then to Louisiana. Plus. there's only 3 flights a day out of there (where he's at in Africa). He's been on stand-by for over a week.

This lady (Faye) my mom talks to who lives in Georgia is psychic or clairvoyant or something like that, anyways, she told my mom that my gram would come home and die when she was ready to. She also said my uncle wouldn't be in until Thursday.. he was supposed to be here at the lastest by Wednesday... looks like this lady was right... she said all that like last Sat. or Sun.

Another cool thing was that my dad's first cousin, Sandra, was there, at my gram's passing (along with most of us... Cherie said she couldn't handle it so she didn't come until afterwards). My gram had asked for us to call her (at that time it was midnight, but, my dad's cousin is a RN and close to my gram and we knew she wouldn't mind coming). Anyways, what none of us knew was that she sees 'dead people!"! At the time of her passing, Sandra said that she saw like 6 others there that were there to welcome my gram to the Other Side. She told us where they were and who they were. Pretty neat. She also said there were many angels there as well. She said it was beautiful.

I had been with my gram, at her bedside from 11pm that night. Ursula wouldn't go to sleep, so, she was with me the whole time... sometimes nursing, sometimes napping, sometimes just sitting there. My gram was able to talk to her other loved ones via phone before passing. She even talked to my uncle in Africa... that was so sad because she kept asking him, 'where are you?". But, you know, at least she was knew she was dying and was able to tell everyone she loved them and vice versa.

Just before she passed I had walked out of the room to change Ursula's panties. I guess I wasn't meant to see her actual death. Jared says he wishes he hadn't seen it.

I cried at her bedside... but not after she had passed... I guess its all so surreal. I know I'll be crying at the wake and funeral... guess its gonna hit me hard at that point.

She just went so fast. Its like she didn't want to be here anymore. She had pulmonary fibrosis... but, when she first entered the hospital, the fibrosis was only affecting the lower part... way at the bottom (Angele told us this as she saw the x-rays). Within a week, it had overtaken all her lungs. The bottom of her lungs were like stone the dr. told my sister. That's when they sent her home telling her there wasn't anything else they could do for her.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your loss-you and your family are in my prayers.


Julie M. said...

I am so sorry, Alison. I know this is hard for you and your family. You are all in our prayers. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. We're feeding Max and the cats. Let us know if we need to check on the birds for you, and where their food is.

Alison said...

Thanks so much, K :)

Alison said...

Thanks so much, Julie!

We're doing okay... I don't think Calista really grasps the whole 'death' thing... or she's not phased by it. My niece, Raquelle, the one you met the other weekend, 8 yrs old, she's taking it kind of hard. They were close.

Jeremy was just asking about the animals and seeing if I could ask yall to feed them! :D We really, trully appreciate yall doing this for us!!! The birds should be fine... we left them plenty of water and food and they are friends now, so, they shouldn't be too lonely. The cats and dog, you can give them any food scraps you have; they'll love that.

I just wish I would have known we would be here this long.

Again, thanks so very much!