Friday, January 27, 2006

Pumping Success

I just used my sister's breast pump for the first time today and got 4 oz really fast! woohoo!

I have a Gerber slow flow nipple, one of those wide ones that are intended to imitate a real nipple.

So, I tested it. I put my milk in a bottle, boiled the nipples, put one on it. Gave Wyatt to Jeremy along with the bottle. Took a little bit for Wyatt to 'get' it... he sucked on it for a little bit... didn't even drink an ounce. And was turning his head away. And as of right now, is nursing on me... LOL

However, we're going to keep trying because Jeremy and I need at least one night a month to ourselves... at some point... some point soon. A 'night' doesn't mean a whole night as in all the kids sleeping elsewhere... a 'night' as in us going to dinner or something like that and picking up at least Wyatt (if the girls want to sleep over, that's fine).

Ursula keeps taking the bottle. She keeps trying to give it to him and I keep telling her that he doesn't want it. I told her that if Wyatt doesn't want it, I will give it to her. She's happy with that.

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Jessica said...

He he he, get this crazy thing out my mouth!!
I think it was Vic, I tried to give a bottle to, and she hated it! Ended w/ about one ounce left then started, but I think its b/c one ounce leaked out, not was drank out! I'm wondering how Ver will do w/a bottle for at least a morning when I get "fixed"....She'll live, right? LOL