Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Things Are Looking Up

Jeremy told me Monday that his plans for work were to NOT miss any more days of work (with the exeptions of dr. appointments) and to become a foreman! WOW! Aspirations!!! Imagine that! I was very pleased to hear that. Funny thing is that just that morning, I had calculated how much Jeremy could bring home if he actually worked all the days he's supposed to. Yep... it would be so very nice if he'd actually work at least ONE FULL WEEK a month... According to my calculations, he'd bring home double the amount in one year then he had EVER... now... if only he keeps his word and go to work.

You're probably thinking 'how does he keep his job if he doesn't go to work?' Well, the thing is is that Jeremy has made himself very valuable there. He does all the different types of welding and fixes things there that needs to be fixed (that's up and beyond what he's supposed to be doing there and getting paid for). Also, he's getting paid as a contractor. The other guys at work are kind of jealous of him because he doesn't get sent home when he misses days of work.

Do you want to know how much J's work likes him? When he took off that week I had the baby (Wyatt), his company ended up paying him for 40 hrs of work!!! Isn't that awesome? That was never even discussed prior to me having the baby! A complete surprise to both of us.

Change of subject...

I have less than one week left to my leisurely life... (big HA HA)... meaning, next Tuesday, I'll be 6 weeks postpardum... and time to get my body into shape!!! I'm going to have to get the infant seat out of the car so that I can go walking with my 2 young ones; strolling them in my awesome tandem stroller :)

Along with walking daily (providing the weather accomodates me), I'll be utilizing the workout machine in the back room. Thankfully, my sister, Cherie helped me clean it out last weekend and even though there's still stuff back there (like the kids' toys), there's plenty of room for me to use the SoloFlex. In fact, I'm thinking of maybe starting today on it... I can't wait to be small again!!! This belly flab is disgusting! I hate feeling my skin touching itself around my back mid section when I stand up! I don't know how anyone tolerates that!

I'm so thankful that Wyatt is such a good baby! He's so easy (knocking on some major wood here).

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Jessica said...

I'm right there w/ ya, w/the midsection area problems! I haven't exersized once, it's keeping up w/ 4 kids enough excersize??? I know not, but time for more has not happened yet, for me, good luck w/ your exersizing quest :D Summer is going to creep up, I know it! Maybe knowing you are walking/working out will help motivate me?? LOL

And it's great that Jeremy's company loves him!! What a WOW about that week pay!!! Maybe you could send them a thank you card w/ a pic :D be cool to have your kids pic in their office. LOL