Thursday, February 02, 2006

My 3 Kids @ 6 weeks old

Calista's in yellow, Wyatt's in the plaid shirt and Ursula's the other one :D

Calista looks the most different but that could be partly from her being so skinny at that time! She was so tiny!

And it looks like Ursula's the chunkiest at 6 weeks old! Look at her face, her cheeks! hehehe

So, anyone has any comments? Who looks like who? Or if they don't even look like siblings? Or what?


Jessica said...

Yep, urs and wyatt look the most alike, but still look indepenent :D

suthernblossum said...

Ursula and Wyatt look like you, and Calista looks just like her Daddy.They all three are beautiful baby pics!I wish I had pics of my five at that age, but I don't. :-( Oh well! Aleena is my chunkiest baby! She has fat rolls!lol I love it!

Anonymous said...

hey. Racquelle says, man, they all look like jeremy.. lol... i think calista looks the least like the others, but they are all soooo cute... doncha think? love, the unbiased aunt cherie

AngieCarlson said...

Cute, cute! They really look like siblings! I think they all have the same nose and mouth. Calista looks so tiny! :)