Monday, February 20, 2006

Strange Dreams

This past week, I've been having very vivid dreams. I love dreaming... but its also a good sign to me, that I'm actually getting some good sleep.

Last night, I dreamt I was at a beach with my sister, Cherie and Ursula... there were more of us, but that's all I remember were there for sure. I was also fishing (something I've only done once in IRL). I had caught a large fish but then had caught a small alligator... I put him back. I was in a 2 piece bathing suit but had a cover-up on. I was in better shape in my dream than I am IRL, but I was still self-conscious.

The other night, I dreamt that the planets were crashing into each other. Only the Earth and Sun remained. I was watching as an observer... either watching a movie or from space, not sure. The night after that, I dreamt I was talking to human-looking aliens. They were living on Earth just like we are.

There were other dreams in the mix... I'll include them as I remember them :D I like recording my dreams. Its interesting to me... and plus, I'd like to see if there's any truth or insight to them.

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Anonymous said...

wow very cool!
I, too, have been plaqued by very vivid and entertaining dreams lately. I believe the signs and symbols are sometimes things to get my attention about - whatever might be going on in my life. Isn't dreaming wild and SLEEP sooo WONDERFULLLLLLLLL?!
Keep us posted on your dreams!!!