Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Exchange Accomplished!

I'm ever so happy to report that I was able to exchange my camera (that no longer accepted batteries... ? no idea why it stopped) for another at Wal-Mart! Of course, they no longer carry the same one (the Z740) so, I went with the P850. Its 5.1 MP but with a 12x optical zoom. Its the performance series camera (one of 3).

I love it as well! I had to pay the difference ($55). It is really nice... lots of cool features. I can actually use (buy) lenses and filters for it as well as a zoom flash! If I were to get them, it would be somewhere in the future as those cost $150/piece... but, its cool to know I can get them if I wanted to! And since its an EasyShare, I can still get the nice printer that goes along with it :D The compatible ones range from $119 to $500. I'm excited! I have a camera again! (Again, a HUGE thanks to Kimber! BTW, Kimber, I had sent you a little thank-you gift; well, to the address on my package, and it came back to me!)


Jessica said...

Whoo-hoo! that's SO great! Wow wow wow, what a deal you got!!
SO when will I be seeing pics of that growing baby? Huh?
I know what you mean about the lenses and stuff, I've been looking at that too, dreaming! LOL

Jessica said...

man, check out that flash you could get...I don't have a flash upgrade option...sigh
but I still love my cam...:D

Alison said...

Girl, its a nice camera :D I'm a little overwhelmed about all the optional things I can do... but, I'll get it sooner or later! hehe

And yes, that's a nice flash! :D

Kimber said...


Really? That is so strange. We were moving about the time that I sent it. Didn't I put out PO Box 696 on it? Anyhoo, I'm so glad that you were able to exchange it. That stinks that it stopped taking batteries, but it looks like it all worked out. I'm excited to see updated pictures of your cute family!