Tuesday, July 25, 2006

No Make-Up Me

Yep, this is me as I look almost all the time... LOL No make-up and hair up in a hair clip... and notice my messed up eyebrows! lol Those are one of 2 things I am not happy about on my face... my eyebrows and my eyelashes.

Maybe the next few pics I put up with be with me fixed up (meaning hair fixed and make-up on and maybe even some decent clothes!) :D

At least my face isn't all swollen like it was a couple of weeks ago from that abcess under my tooth... and you can also see I've lost a few more pounds... not sure exactly how much; but it shows in a slightly less fat face! ha ha ha Double chin is deminishing! yay! I hate that thing! :D

I do know that I fit in one of my size 6 shorts! woohoo! Yay me! I have breastfeeding and child-chasing to thank for that... lol Okay, okay, I have been doing some crunches whenever I remember to; need to get my flat belly back... oh how I miss that! Notice I have some color to my face? Thanks to the little swimming pool we bought a couple of weeks ago! My girls also have some color! They look so cute with it!

Anyways, one of these days, I'll post a pic of me all made up and in a cute outfit to show my weight loss thus far... still more lbs and inches to go though!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

something you'll never see online: A pic of me w/no make up!! LOL you go girl! IT's great that you are loosing...and exersizing!
Yep, I seen the pool in the video of the girls....looks like ya'll been having fun :D