Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tiny Update

Okay, update time:

We went ahead and formatted our computer's hard drive the other day. One cool thing about that is we get to use our Norton Antivirus again without paying for a new year! woohoo! hehehe

Jeremy and Shane (my bil/his best friend) went to the Sugar Bowl (LSU vs Notre Dame). Jeremy's dad surprised them by giving them the tickets; yes, they were very excited.

My sister, Angele, and her husband have to move to a very small apartment, so, she cleared out some stuff... we got her purple leather sofa, chair, and ottoman as well as one of her TV's, a huge, black, cast iron pot, & small freezer!

I'm guessing she was feeling very charitable and also gave me her Chi flat iron and bought me 2 bras from Dilliard's!!! Love the bras too!!!

Just wanted to add two pictures I took of Wyatt and Ursula from last night. Can't include bath pics of Calista... she's a little too old for that now!!! LOL For a couple more pics, go to both Wyatt's and Ursula's blogs.
I liked that one of Wyatt looking at Ursula... I love how he's looking at her... he actually goes to her... like, puts his hands up for her to take him.

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