Monday, March 26, 2007

A Little Freaked...

Why, you may ask... well... I took a pregnancy test last night and didn't wait for 3 minutes before returning to bed... it looked negative. This morning... the test looks funny... the positive part isn't a straight line... squiggly-looking. I believe I've read that you can't trust the home pregnancy tests after so many hours. So, I'm buying another one today... in a couple of hours I'll have the results.

Why would I be freaked? Hmm... because we've been practicing abstinance for the most part!!! LOL Seriously... and if we do 'do it'... Jeremy uses a condom. He always checks it afterwards.

Why would I take the test in the first place? Or, what would make me think I needed to take a HPS?

#1. Nausea.
#2. Lower back pain
#3. Frequent urination
#4. Fatigue
#5. Wyatt's been bending over, looking between his legs... old wive's tale... that's he looking for his next brother/sister... (and for the record, each of my kids did this while I was pregnant).

Along with that... I've been getting headaches. I hardly ever get headaches. That's not a typical pregnancy sign for me though... the above 4 are though. If I'm pregnant, than at least I know what's 'wrong' with me. If I'm not... WTF?

If I am... this was a bigtime 'Oopsie'.

First off, I was happy with having just 3 kids.
Secondly, I haven't even started my period back.
Thirdly, I didn't want to have a baby this close in age even we had decided to get pregnant again... Wyatt won't even be 2 yrs older than this one... if I am.
Fourthly, Do I even have enough patience for a fourth child??? OMG
Fifthly, Our house will soon get way too small. We live in a 1188 qf house; 3 beds/2 baths.
Sixly, I'll want to trade in my car for a mini van.
Sevenly (lol... don'tcha love my 'ly's? lol), I CAN'T BE! NOT YET, ANYWAYS!

To be quite honest... I actually suspected I'd have four kids. My sister, Aimee, says that she knows when she's not done having kids (she has 5) when she senses a child is missing and all are accounted for. I've been having that same feeling lately... like, I see all 3 of my kids in front of me, yet, it seems like one is missing.

If I am pregnant right now... This baby REALLY wanted to come through me and Jeremy NOW.
If I'm pregnant now, according to the chinese conception chart, if I conceived in Jan, I'll have a girl... if in Feb. or March, a boy.

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Vicky from 360 said...

#5 is funny because there was a time not long ago that Gabriel would do that a lot. There is actually a pic of him doing it at my Myspace. It looks like a pose of yoga called Downward Dog!
And i did and still get nausea, so i'm thinking it could be Pelvic Inflamatory Disease[PID] or something else. I haven't gone to the gynecologist since giving birth! I have to start taking better care of myself.