Monday, March 26, 2007


Okay, I just returned from the store, took another HPT and its NEGATIVE!!! woohoo! Man... while I was in the store, or actually, while driving there, I would tear up. You know, I love babies and me being pregnant wouldn't be the end of neither my nor Jeremy's world... the kids would LOVE for me to have another. And if I had been, well, then so be it. My major concern was actually for Wyatt. Had I been pregnant right now, I would feel I didn't give him enough baby time, ya know? And what if my milk would have dried up like it did during my pregnancy for Wyatt? I don't want him to wean before he needs to, ya know? I already feel badly for Ursula... she nursed throughout my pregnancy and all but since my milk dried up, she probably stopped getting milk around the time she was 2½... and I know most probably think I'm crazy but I really feel her health isn't as good as it could be... esp. when compared to Calista, who nursed for 4 yrs. Calista's barely ever sick and has never had an ear infection.

Anyhoo... that's my good news for today :D lol


Jessica said...

a big oopsie, that's funny!
glad to hear all is well, esp this!!

Alison said...

Yep, me too! Big sign of relief!

Vicky from 360 said...

I know how you feel Alison! It's so nice to be able to breastfeed them till they ween themselves or until we want too. So i'm glad to hear your not prego so Wyatt can continue to enjoy mommies delight! :)

Alison said...

LOL Vicky :D When I was driving to the store to pick up the HPT, I was going through bouts of tears... just thinking of the possibility of being pregnant again... I'm just not ready for another one... and really, I'd be super happy to remain a mom of just 3 kids :D hehee Esp. since I am only like 10 lbs away from my weight goal!!! woohoo! Yeah, my vanity... but, it goes along with my sanity :D heh heh heh

Vicky said...

I understand sweety! I think i've been kinda depressed myself because i'm so overweight. I always feel tired and I don't feel pretty. AND i don't have time for myself!
Feeling pretty makes us feel so much better! Our self esteem just skyrockets. So i completely understand :) .