Friday, May 04, 2007

My Kittens

Here's Momma Cat's latest batch of kittens. Six in all; 4 girls & 2 boys. This first pic to the left is right after she brought them home... she had them elsewhere... so, I set up a box outside and she brought them to us... they were about a week old there.

The rest of these pictures were taken within the last week. The kittens are so cute :) They have really cute faces and are very playful. Some are more friendlier than others. Some purr if you pet them :D

They're like 6 weeks old I think... :D hehe
This is one of the boy kits in these two pictures. He's a sweetie.

Thinking back, I really believe it was always seeing momma cats and their kittens nursing that made me see breastfeeding as 'normal'. We always had a plethora of cats and kittens growing up... because we lived on 10 acres of land and people would drop their animals off at our place... LOL We just fed them and took care of them while they were at our house.

This last pic of the kitty sleeping cracks me up... she was cleaning herself and fell asleep :D hehe

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Jessica said...

First let me say, happy belated bday, and I'm SO sorry I missed it. I think I may have missed Cherei's, your mom's, your dad' i'm horrible.
Now I'll say that the kittens are cute! and J looks funny in baseball pants, why I dunno.
Cool that Urs can ride a 2 wheeler :)
and really cool that you fixed your own computer!!
How are your homemade prints?
And what about house hunting? Any thoughts? I bet Gary could get him a job!!
Okay, If I missed anything then I'm sorry, again!