Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Present

For my birthday, Jeremy came home with a photo printer! I love it! Since these past couple weeks have been financially lacking, I have to wait to buy photo paper. It did come with a few sample photo pages that I used. Let's just say that I can't wait to start printing!!! I'm way behind!!! hehe

Jeremy worked all 7 days last week, so this Friday, we should have a good paycheck! woohoo! Also, since we HAD to pay those other bills with the meager funds we had, these next paychecks will almost be free! Of course, rent is due on the 15th... I plan on getting photo paper, groceries, and The Sims 2 Seasons :D heh heh heh I can still wait if need be... but, I don't see why... Jeremy has 15 hrs of overtime on this check! Doncha just love overtime??? :D

I can't wait to get a new PC though... ours is okay... but it does crash often while I'm playing The Sims 2... even with a good graphics card.

What's cool, too, is that Jeremy doesn't get all irate when I talk about us buying our own house (or building it, for that matter). Maybe that means he's thinking about it too. Really now, we've been paying monthly rent for 6 yrs now...

I just hope Jeremy's work keeps having work!

About me... my lower back is still hurting... all day long... I'm taking calcium with magnesium, shark cartilage, and MSM daily (mostly). I'm noticing some difference... but... man... sucks. I don't like being in constant pain.


Anonymous said...

My brother gives such good presents, unlike someone I know! LOL You need to invest in a memory foam for your mattress! We just got one, and let me tell you....we have been missing out on a good night's rest. We've had it for 2 days now, and both days Jamis woke up late for work. He wasn't late for work, he just woke up at 5 and that's what time he needs to leave. He didn't want to get up. I woke up this morning with NO backpain for the first time in I don't know how long!!!!! I got mine at Target!


Alison said...

Yep, I have to hand it to Jeremy... He isn't one of those guys who forgets those important dates or doesn't pay attention to details. That was one of the things that impressed me about him early on (way early on), was that he knew what to order me from fast food places! LOL

You know, I've been thinking about if our backaches are due partly to our old-ass mattress ever since Tori and Jason got their Sleep Number bed. Jeremy & I have discussed getting a good mattress since then. I mean, they may seem expensive at first, but goodness, then you think about how long you actually keep them... 10, 20, 30 yrs, more? Definitely worth the investment! AND esp worth it if I don't wake up in pain every morning!!! I feel like an old woman!

I'd been seeing the commercials for both Memory Foam and Sleep Number mattresses... both look great! We're gonna have to invest in one of those one of these days!

Vicky said...

I have 2 memory foam pillows. One is contoured and the other one is like regular pillows. The are great! But the best one is the one that is shaped like regular pillows. It was mine, but Michael was complaining about his flat pillows so i gave him mine to see if he liked it and know it's his! He loves it!
They cost about $25 each and we bought them because at the time we had money to spare, but now we can't afford them.
I'm assuming a memory matress should be very nice as well.
Also, could your back pain be because of your breasts? You do have a small frame and are like 5'1" or something right?
I remember i saw a pic of u and Jeremy were your breasts looked waaay smaller. Maybe the added weight and the breastfeeding is taking it's toll. Plus, if the 'core' muscles aren't strong they can't support the rest of the back or the rest of the body.

Anyway, i have to go! My hubby and my 2 older kids came home about an hour ago but never came inside the house! I think they are at a neighbors house, i wanna go check! Plus, Gabriel slept for like 3 hrs and woke up at 8:30pm!! So i have to go tire him out or i'll be up till midnight! :(

Love u lots!

Alison said...

Yep, I'm short... and I think maybe the weight of the boobs may be contributing to my backaches! I kwym about strengthening my core. I've been doing crunches pretty much daily.

Ever since I was in 9th grade, I worked out... that is, up until I started having kids... which is when you really should! lol Its just hard when your kids think you're a jungle gym the moment you get on the floor! lol

I'll do these little exercises now... waiting until I am able to get a gym membership... because I'm way more motivated when I'm in a gym setting than at home. I have to wait because of Wyatt... he's not ready to be babysat yet; well, not by anyone who lives close enough.

I'll look into those memory foam thingies... Jeremy said he's seen a memory foam mattress pad at Walmart. If having a better mattress or pad (... because we already have a cotton-filled mattress pad) is gonna make that much of a difference, I'm game!

BTW, I so kwym about hearing your dh coming home but never seeing him! Jeremy does that sometimes! I look outside, and he's next door! lol I'm like, at least you can duck your head inside and LMK that you're home... tell me 'hi'... something!

Thanks for reading my blogs, Vicky!

I am behind on reading others'... my house has been full of sicknesses these past 2 weeks... Calista was sick the other Sunday until Tuesday... then it was Ursula's turn, than Wyatt's... and now it looks like me and Wyatt are suffering from outside allergies. I backpacked him (yeah, not helping the backache situation but no other choice) and used the weedeater around the house Tuesday. Wednesday, Wyatt and I have runny noses and eyes. I hate when I get this.