Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Home Improvements (Rental, that is)

The floor in the first bathroom in this house has always been messed up. The vinyl flooring was all cut up and stained. Well, finally, Jeremy decided it was time to fix it. So, I went to the Family Dollar with my sister, Angele, and bought a pack of those stick-on vinyl squares. Calista picked out one that is whitish with a blue diamond. Its pretty. Jeremy put them in this past Sunday and MAN, does it make a difference!!! Brightens that bathroom up. Makes it look cleaner. Also, the tiles match the shower curtain we already had up there. We did it the cheapest way because we rent. If it was our house, we would have put more into it. He also fixed the toilet innards of both bathrooms and the faucet in the first one. He'll be fixing the faucet in his soon. This was all done very recently. In the past, he has put new seals under both toilets and has put in better shower heads in both tubs.

Another home improvement has been the new blinds he bought from Home Depot for the living room. They look so nice! Those ended up being $100 for 2 windows! But, we'll take them with us.

Also... Jeremy bought us a new 30" widescreen flatscreen fatback TV! We like it a lot! What's really cool with it is that it has a digital tuner. NOW, I can finally watch local channels without static!!! woohoo! That's the only reason I wanted to get cable (which we can't get here anyways) or Satellite (only Dish Network and DirecTV are our options). Now, I don't need it (well, didn't need it before but it was just irritating watching TV all fuzzy for the past 6 yrs!

Since I'm posting stuff... next month is Jeremy's court date for his wreck! FINALLY! It'll finally get resolved and hopefully, we'll have a little extra money for it as well! Get to pay off my credit card that was used to buy J's car over 2 yrs ago! Its been 2 frickin' years. Ridiculas. At the time of the accident, J's lawyer said it would be just a matter of a couple of months until it was settled... over 2 yrs later now... J should have done what I told him in the first place... go to Morris Bart or some other lawyer that we constantly see on TV regarding auto accidents. I bet it would have been over with sooner had he done it that way. Anyways, at least now there's an end in sight!

Oh, the other weekend, on the way down to visit my family, I got a front driver-side blow-out on the interstate! Thankfully, some guy on his way home from work stopped and changed it to my spare tout suite! He looked like he worked at the mechanics part of a car dealership.

THEN, this past Sunday, I leave Jeremy with the kids (Wyatt was napping) to go get some Little Ceaser's $5 large pepperoni pizzas and I get a blow-out on the front passenger-side tire!!! Yeah! Believe the luck??? Again, thankfully, someone stopped... actually, two different vehicles stopped to help. The guys helped one another get me on my way and suggested I get that spare tire some air! So, thankfully, I was right there by Wal-Mart Supercenter, which has a Murphy gas station in front. So, I pulled in, put in 75 cents and pumped up my spare to 60 PSI... it was like at 20!!! whew! I got the pizzas and went home. Jeremy is supposed to be getting me a new tire today.

Each time before the tires blew, my car was driving weird. I thought I needed an allignment. But noooooo... that wasn't the problem. Even with the spare tire on, my car drove almost perfectly!

I hate worrying about reaching my destinations while driving alone or with just my kids!

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