Monday, July 23, 2007

Memory Foam

Yesterday, Jeremy bought us a Memory Foam mattress pad. Its 4" thick. He said he was tired of us both waking up with a sore back :) Hey, if this helps, woohoo! Of course, we probably need to buy a new mattress set altogether... a bigger one... maybe even a King size! One can dream... hehehe

Last night was okay. My back wasn't so sore... but, to be quite honest... I'm not sure if its due to the Memory Foam pad. For the past couple of days, I've been taking this homeopathic remedy for backaches and I had noticed a difference before sleeping on the new mattress pad. I'm just sick of having a sore back... I've been in chronic back pain since being pregnant for Wyatt! I'm sure exercising will help. I will try to get to doing that regularly once school starts again (Aug. 10th! Already!).

My back is the reason for not wearing Wyatt like I did Ursula (in a backpack carrier). Its also the reason I don't like going to anywhere that I have to stand/walk while carrying him... Its just too hard on me.

I'm hopeful that these homeopathic pills, the Memory Foam, along with exercise will get me back to where I need to be... PAIN FREE!!! I'm too young to be in constant pain! Geez!

While I'm blogging, I'll go ahead and mention that Jeremy also bought me a new broom (woohoo! Last time I told him I needed one, he bought me the frickin' cheapest thing and it sucked!) AND the Swiffer mop thingie :) Yay!

I LOVE home improvements! :D:D:D

OOOOHHHH, another thing... I heard on the local news that by January, Medicaid will be accepting higher levels of income! So, a family of 4 that makes $60,000 will be covered! Wow! So, that means my kids will have medical insurance again! lol We don't use doctors too often, but at least I know that if they do need it, we'll have it covered!

While I'm typing about income... what's crazy is that even with Jeremy making good money, our kids still qualify for reduced lunch! Here I was, thinking that we finally got out of the poverty level... cause quite frankly, it feels like we have! We aren't stressing about the bills anymore. But noooooo... we aren't even in lower middle class, apparently. Crazy, huh? I mean, how much money do you have to make? I mean, I guess I see things differently having been pretty bad off and all. Maybe I appreciate/value things differently then those who have never been so far down.

Oh, this just came into my mind... I am guessing that the income levels are different/higher due to both parents working.

One more thing... in regards to my previous post... my period is so slight, its crazy. I mean, no heavy flow at all and this morning, no blood even in my pad. I guess I'll blog about it again next month and see if its 'normal' again. I mean, I never had a heavy flow but there would be at least 2 days of heaviness and the rest of the days would be light... usually 5-7 days altogether. Yeah, I know everyone wants to read about my period... LOL But really, this blog is for me.

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bruce said...

Getting a memory foam mattress was definitley the best decision I've ever made. I mean, I know they are pretty expensive but the relief it's brought me for my sleep is priceless. I've suffered back pain for years now, but seriously 1 month sleeping on my new bed and life is feeling a lot brighter. For people looking for one, I know there are a lot of mattresses to chose from, so from my experience try avoiding the cheapest option and go for a mid-range one instead.