Monday, October 15, 2007

All Paid Up! (Almost, anyways!)

I'm excited! hehehe
Almost all of our total monthly household bills are paid up! Only thing left to pay is water (which is due on the 22nd) & Jeremy's car insurance.
I'm so happy because I HATE being behind on bills! And we were behind on almost everything!
Our rent is paid.
Electricity is paid (2 mths).
Cingular is paid (2 mths).
My car insurance is paid.
Our house phone is paid (2 mths).
AND, the credit card bill (my card, my first card that is super maxxed out thanks to Jeremy's wreck... he used it to buy the car he's driving now... the wreck which is finally settled after 2½ yrs of waiting and Jeremy's still not getting fully compensated for what was lost :( grrrrr But, at least its over).


Jeremy finally gave me money to open up a checking account so, I paid 4 of those bills online! One over the phone. Wow, that's so much easier! hehehe And Jeremy paid rent yesterday.
Check this out... we still have money in the bank! hehehe woohoo!

Jeremy said that he decided that he'll keep the check that the rent will be taken from every month but will deposit all the other weekly checks.


Jessica said...

wish I could say the same....sigh!

Alison said...

Girl, this is like the first time ever, I think!!! And now, since I'll be in charge of paying the bills, we'll always be on track!

Alison said...

... unless some tragedy befalls us, that is... I'm trying to stay positive!!!

Jessica said...

Hey....guess its time to pay bills again tomorrow...yippee!
No, what I was thinking was...
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